“If you had dusted the mantelpiece you would have found this just under the clock,” said Gandalf, handing Bilbo a note (written, of course, on his own note- paper). 

Bilbo Baggins, like many hobbits, wanted to live a quiet life and go about his business doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Well, that all changed in The Hobbit! The next prop replica from The Noble Collection is the Bilbo Baggin’s Deed of Contract. This replica, 10.75″ (27.3cm) closed, and an amazing 60″ (152.4cm) when opened, is intricately detailed and a steal at $39 SRP. The contract will be on The Noble Collection website early next week and ready to ship by October 15th! Stay tuned to TORn for more details as they come in! [The Noble Collection] (See higher res images after the break).