October 1st marks a big day for fans awaiting collectibles of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This day marks the day where companies can officially start selling products for the first of the films in this trilogy. Film Cells Ltd will at midnight start taking orders for their amazing film cell collectibles with stills from the first movie, and if you know about their The Lord of the Rings items you will want to make sure to get these. As you know figures from The Bridge Direct will start showing up in stores for fans to purchase on the spot. Finally, from the folks at Weta Workshop some of the amazing things we saw at Comic-Con will start showing up on their website. Just some of the things you might see from Weta on Monday include: Fine Art Collectible Sculptures, Authentic Prop Replicas, The Master Swordsmith’s Collection, Art Prints and Maps from the original artists, Jewelry, A series of books created by the artists at the heart of the film-making process, and much more.  Is your bank balance ready??