By now we’ve all probably seen the new Hobbit trailer scores of times on our computers. Many have even streamed it 20 or 30 times on their big screen TVs, including all four alternate endings (ahem). But, there’s nothing like seeing it first hand on the big screen as I can now attest. Having just returned from seeing Dredd 3-D (well worth the price of admission, IMHO), I’m elated to say that the Hobbit trailer *is* playing in front of it, it played in 3-D and it was AWESOME!!!! Of course, the amount of additional detail one can see on the big screen goes without saying, but the colors, dialogue and sound were also enhanced enough to make any geek squeal with glee (as the rest of the movie-goers can attest). The 3-D was also amazing – not overdone, but enough to feel like I was being transported to Middle-earth.

For the record, I live in the Denver area and went to an AMC theater. As we get reports about other movies it’s playing with, we’ll update this story. If you’re wondering how you’re ever going to make it to December 14th, I highly recommend trying to see the trailer in theaters. Then again, maybe that just makes it worse! (No.. really.. SEE IT)!