September 22nd is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday!!  But this year the day has grown into World Hobbit Day as we also salute Tolkien Week AND the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit publication! So to celebrate this perfect storm of Tolkien highlights,’s Discussion Boards is hosting a party with activities covering several Boards this weekend.

Below is a list of party activities TORN members have created to share across 3 Discussion Boards: Main, Off Topic, and The Lord of the Rings Movie. Sadly, the Hobbit Discussion Board will not be one of the party-stops. That place is just way too busy with excited discussions about Peter Jackson’s latest Hobbit Movie Trailer!

Keep an eye on this spot as we add links to the various activities when they are posted throughout the day. We hope you enjoy celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien’s world and The Hobbit with us all weekend long!


Get your party hats and then tell us about your favorite Hobbit edition or illustration (+Hobbit Footers/Avatars)” by Magpie

Guess the Phrase Game by DanielLB
Mad Lib by dernwyn
Primula’s Pun Parameters: A Word Play Adventure! by Ethel Duath
Get To Know Your TORnsib (GTKYT) by TomthePilgrim

Scenes From The Hat” **possible Hobbit movie spoiler–beware** by Alassëa Eruvande

Caption Contest! by stormcrow20

“TORn “World Hobbit Day” Exclusive: Interview With Aivale Cole (nee Mabel Faletolu)” by Earl


Eye Spy game by Delrond
Drabble / Haiku Challenge by grammaboodawg
Panted Hobbit Lines by grammaboodawg


Bilbo’s Brainteasers Reprise by dernwyn
The Hobbit Trivia Quiz by DanielLB
Six Subject Line Challenge by weaver & SirDennisC
Party Shire Medley by Quacking Troll & Ruxendil_Thoorg

What have you been eating for World Hobbit Day?by Morok Cloudkeeper