Swedish movie site Moviezine has a new article about Mikael Persbrandt, who plays Beorn in The Hobbit films. TORn message board member DeadRabbits has translated the original article so we can all read the details.

When Peter Jackson returns to Middle Earth approximately a decade after Lord of the Rings, our very own Mikael Persbrandt is onboard to play Beorn. Recently, the two movies became three and several of the actors are being called back for re-shoots. Persbrandt is among them.

“I’m going back to New Zealand to shoot more scenes, that’s already been decided,” he tells MovieZine.se.

IMDb has now listed Persbrandt as participating in all the three movies. The actor doesn’t know yet if the extra movie involves a bigger role and more Beorn on the big screen, or if it’s just pickup shoots that lies ahead.

“I don’t really know what it means. They have to cut somewhere to make number one, two and three. They’ve already got a lot of material. But I’m sure it’s go to be pretty damn good,” he says.

Other than that, it’s hard to make Mikael Persbrandt say anything else about the trilogy. The studio has restricted everyone from talking before the first movie has its premiere in December.

“It’s not that I don’t want to talk, I’m not allowed to. You’ll have to wait until the premiere.”

The character Beorn, portraied by Mikael Persbrandt in Peter Jackson’s trilogy about The Hobbit, is a man who can turn himself into a bear. He’s on the good side, and on the first official picture of Beorn you can see him next to Ian McKellen’s Gandalf.