Actor James Nesbitt (who plays the dwarf Bofur in the upcoming Hobbit films) appeared this morning on ITV’s breakfast program Daybreak.

Oz website digital spy reports that he said of Bofur: “I’m sort of the thinking woman’s dwarf, the George Clooney of dwarves.” He added that Bofur is “considered to be the optimistic one who always sees the goodness in most people”.

Nesbitt will return to New Zealand in 2013 for extra filming. He said of the expansion of the films: “I think when Peter began to cut it, he thought, ‘There’s more in this than [we] thought’.”

He praised Sir Ian McKellen, and went on to say that “Martin Freeman as [Bilbo] is just a revelation”. UK people can probably view the clip on ITV here. The rest of us are left out in the cold as usual because of licensing restrictions. Thanks to Ringer DanielLB for the heads-up.