Turin by Liga-Marta

TheOneRing.net has a bit of a secret – and well, we need to keep it safe, but we are looking for your help. No, no, no… we are not asking you for a donation, just your voluntary help seeking out information on some interesting Tolkien related topics. Today’s topic is Fan Art. We are looking to compile the World’s Best Tolkien Fan Art pieces of all time. Here’s how we define fan art: Artwork that is based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the original artist/creator. It can be physical or digital. If you have you see some amazing examples of Tolkien fan art in your lifetime, we want to know about it. Use the form at the bottom of this post to send us a much information about the artwork as possible. At this point, we do need to ‘see’ the artwork, so hopefully it is represented by an photo or image online somewhere. There is also an option to upload a small  version of it. Thanks for your help in advance and we look forward to seeing the best Tolkien fan art of all time! [Submission Form] (On the right is ‘Turin’ by Liga-Marta)


  1. Fantastic!!! *submits some artwork and goes to draw some more*

  2. yaya gal

    Why don’t you just go ahead and tell us ALL your restrictions, so we won’t waste time sending you links just to have you come back and say “it’s not appropriate” or some such stuff? You know, save us the effort of having to guess what you want and what you don’t want.

    • chrispirrotta

      Hi Yaya Gal – not sure what you mean by restrictions…we are simply collecting everything and anything folks want to send our way.

  3. Alex

    Whoever is posting these articles needs to reread what they are posting. The spelling and grammar in these articles is so bad that it’s actually hard to read…

    • The best thing about that Alex – you don’t have to read it. The spirit of TORn is not that of a traditional news service. We are a fan entity run by a diverse grouping of volunteer fans, each with a unique contribution. If they do not always get an A in grammar, we’re not too concerned about it. If you are looking for that level of reporting/news/conversation we suggest you look elsewhere.

      • yaya gal

        Really? That’s your reply? Pretty cavalier for a website about a guy so obsessed with the English language.

      • Trotter

        This is a very unprofessional/inappropriate response from a moderator. Yes, Alex’s post comes off as rude, and he/she could have worded it in a more polite manner. But the mod should have, regardless. The typical “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” and “look elsewhere” responses are very unlike and atypical of TORN in my experience. I’m shocked, and I expected better from TORN.
        The reason someone might hold TORN to a high level of reporting/news/conversation is that TORN (normally) deserves it. A response such as this reflects much worse on the site than any typos.

  4. Glemli

    I’m writing a Middle-Earth story and a friend of mine is drawing the main characters: a Wizard, an Elf, two Dwarves, two Hobbits and two Men. When she’s finished, shall I send you her drawing or does that not fall under ‘Fan Fiction’? 🙂

  5. Lanthir

    Look no further than Jenny Dolfen, aka Gold-Seven on Deviant Art. She’s got tons of absolutely amazing Tolkien pieces:

    • Hi Lanthir, Please use the form to submit this entry so we can make sure not to forget about it!

    • Eastern Sea

      I second that! Jenny Dolfen is AMAZING!!!

    • bookworm

      thirding this. LOVE her work

  6. Danny

    So what is to become of these art pieces?

    • That is the secret

      • yaya gal

        You’re seriously suggesting people should just give up their artwork to you without any idea what you’re going to do with it? Good luck with that.

        • Thank you! We have received over 1000 submissions so far and look forward to more. Appreciate your well wishes :/

          • megselv


            Since you’re asking people to link – and even upload – other people’s work: Do contact the artist before using it.

            Good luck!


          • Yes, nothing will be published without the express consent of the artist. Thanks!

  7. CFM

    I don’t see a form.

    • Hi CFM – Turns out someone accidentally updated the page and didn’t include the form! The link should now be above as well.

  8. Darkover

    Where is the form that we are supposed to use to submit the artwork?

    • Hi Darkover – Turns out someone accidentally updated the page and didn’t include the form! The link should now be above as well.

  9. there is no form

    • Hi Gerardo – Turns out someone accidentally updated the page and didn’t include the form! The link should now be above as well.

    • These look great! Please do submit them through the form above!

      • Igor Burlakov DartGarry

        ok! did it )
        where then we can see the collected images?

    • Trotter

      Excellent artwork, Igor! Love the one with Bilbo daydreaming. Well done!

      • Igor Burlakov DartGarry

        thanks a lot! 🙂 tried!

    • Nice watercolors!

      • Igor Burlakov DartGarry

        🙂 thank you,

  10. willowing

    I go into the Deviantart website and have observed some very good artists. As previously noted Gold Seven is one of those artists who has being around for a while. Other artists worth the attention are Filat, Tuuliky, Righorn, ilxwing, EcthelionF, Marishe. The list is endless and the art is gorgeous.

  11. Chantal

    what form?

    • Hi Chantal – Turns out someone accidentally updated the page and didn’t include the form! The link should now be above as well.

  12. A.L.

    Hey! Is movie-based fan art being accepted, or book fan-art only?

    • All types of Fan Art – as long as it has to do with anything related to Tolkien’s creations

  13. Innin

    I’m sure your project is a perfectly fine one with great intentions, and you have good reasons to keep it secret – but as something of a fanartist I’m wondering – if my pictures are submitted by a third party, do I get to object to their usage if I’m not comfortable with your idea once it’s revealed? I’d love a reply to this, thank you.

    • Yes – we will ask for express permission from the artist to use on the project. They of course can decide to not give permission. We will not publish anything related to that artist in that case. Thanks for your question!

      • Innin

        Thank you, that’s good to know. And how about the possibility to pull the art out of the project if I initially gave permission and then later change my mind? (I know I’m being nosy here, but I’d rather have my questions answered and feel good about this before submitting anything.)

  14. Innin

    I’m a little disappointed that my comment simply disappeared. Is it too much to ask if the artists will have a chance to object to the usage of their art if a third party submitted them? Because not everyone is going to abide by basic decency and ask first, and I for one wouldn’t like to see my art crop up elsewhere without permission.

    • We haven’t removed any comments. So it is odd that your comment disappeared. But we can guarantee, we will ask all artists for their express permission before publishing any works

  15. 8H29B

    What is the deadline for this project???Thank you!!!!

  16. Aniel

    I suppose there is no further need to submit the Born of Hope and Hunt for Gollum movies… since about dozen of people have done it already, haven´t they?

  17. Mike

    I want to submit my drawing, but will this website claim ownership over my picture?

  18. Mike

    Will you claim ownership over my drawing?

  19. Elfheart

    Is there a deadline? I think I read something on facebook about a week
    or so. It would be great to have a little more time to collect artwork.

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