One can always count on Entertainment Weekly to compose some intriguing ‘Top’ lists. Their latest is the ‘Top 50 Most Vile Movie Villains,’ and sure enough, many classic villains are well represented.  Among the top 50, only one Tolkien ‘villain‘ makes the list at No. 10:

He may only be a CGI character, but the conflicted, bipolar Gollum managed to be both cute and scary — a feat we hadn’t seen accomplished since Gremlins. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that his tendency to break out into cheerful song in between ruthlessly chasing the ring of power was, well, precious. Plus, he bit off Frodo’s fingers. And that’s pretty bad-ass. —Kate Ward

This reporter never really saw Gollum as a ‘villain’ per se, but hey, to each their own! For the complete list, jump on over to today! [Read More]


  1. Moraiwë

    I was never totally convinced that Sméagol was pure and innocent until the day of that fateful fishing trip. I mean, sure, Déagol went fishing with him, but you’re supposed to take your family members fishing, especially when that’s all there is to do in your little village. I just have a sense that Déagol felt obligated, and it was all downhill from there.

  2. Gollum was too conflicted to be a proper villain, but I guess they couldn’t include Sauron since he’s mostly shown as a flaming eye.

  3. Timdalf

    Not a villain?! He betrays the whole Shire and Baggins (fellow hobbits really). He attacks Bilbo. He tracks the Fellowship. He lies to Sam and Frodo. He betrays them to Shelob. He would destroy them (or eat them) without a second thought if he could and tries every chance he gets. He stole the Ring by murder of his cousin. His rap sheet is as long as a Batman or Superman or Spiderman villain.

  4. subway2venus

    That’s crazy. Gollum isn’t a villain. He’s a victim of the ring of power. Sauron is the villain. Any ringer knows that.

  5. taekotemple

    Gollum would not be bipolar. He’d have Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly known to most people as Multiple Personality Disorder. It would be nice if people got that right.

  6. thegreatriver

    Gollum vile? No. He is much more complex than that, and his own struggle (and failure) against good vs. evil is profoundly relevant to Frodo and how own personal struggle – as with us all, perhaps.

  7. Aragonist

    I never saw Gollum as a villain either (although Samwise did). He was more a victim of circumstance, the ring finding him and corrupting him before he even knew he should get rid of the thing. Even serial killers like Jason and Freddy aren’t villains per se, they are bad men, but to me a villain knows right from wrong and chooses wrong and continues to choose wrong. The Wicked Witch of the West comes to mind.

    • Gollum is more of an addict than a villain. The creature can be pitied or hated, but you kind of think both, and that is why Gollum is the best character in The Lord of the Rings.

  8. aww poor Gollum he was just misunderstood lol

  9. i didnt see him as a villian..he was obssessed with the ring,

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