Early this week, Entertainment Weekly released a bunch of new still photos from the Hobbit. Their magazine feature hit the stands mid-week and is full of a big bunch of movie news. Filming has just wrapped. Comic-con is approaching rapidly.

That’s why, this Saturday July 7, Hall of Fire is taking an unscheduled break from our Fellowship of the Ring read-through to trawl through the very latest movie rumours and spoilers.

(We’ll be back with the next chapter of FOTR next weekend, promise!)

However, this weekend you can:

Expect a long discussion about the barrels out of bond scene.

Anticipate heaps of talk about what the revelations about the encounter of the dwarves with the spiders could really mean.

And count on a lot of poring over the various character tid-bits from the EW article.

Plus much more!

So join us this Saturday, July 7 at 6.00pm (New York time), when we’ll discuss all this and much more as we look at the latest news and spoiler from The Hobbit movies!

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