If you haven’t already found it, then you’re missing a treat if you have a mobile device and haven’t yet got hold of our very own TORn resource, ‘ The Hobbit News App!’

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes the last month to continue it’s development and the most recent release is now in the App stores (the Apple App Store and the Android Market – or Google Play, as they now call it!).

So, what’s in the App?

Developer, and staff member Fizzit has the overview.


Stuff happens almost every day with the Hobbit Movie, and the App tracks all of it, showing all the updating Daily News items from the OneRing.Net website.

The Today in Middle-earth Calendar is fun, and keeps track of relevant dates in Middle-earth as they come.

Latest Tweets is new to the Hobbit App. Anything that comes from @theoneringnet and is posted to @theonerignnet is going to come onto the list. Our thinking was that, as we get closer to the launch of the movie, there is going to be increasing chatter, and we want to catch it all. Get tweeting!

All of the news feeds now have pull-refresh functionality. Just pull the list to make sure you’re picking up the latest stuff.

We also have a handy cast news and cast overview, so you can read up on the various actors/actresses and their roles.


If you haven’t yet come across the Tolkien Professor, you’re missing something! Professor Corey Olsen of the Mythgard Institute is a deep well of amazing insight for Middle-earth mythology. His regular podcasts are all presented on the App.

We also have a Video List of Hobbit related clips as well as the videos that come out of Hobbitin5

Finally, in the more section, is:

• A handy link to Barliman’s Chat. Visit Barlimans – a place for good conversation about JRR Tolkien’s works and the Lord of the Rings movies. Our chatrooms are very newbie friendly, always open and we’d love you to join us!
• Contact and Spy Reports. Have you heard something about the world of J.R.R. Tolkien that we have not reported? Do you have some news that you’d like to share anonymously? Maybe you just want to say hello?
• Further links to our Twitter and Facebook Pages

So – what’s next?

The Hobbit App is continually being overhauled with new features and functionality, so expect – and don’t forget to install – some regular updates over the next months.

And the iPad and Tablet devices? Well – watch this space, because it’s not far away!