Scottish actor John Bell is the youngest castmember from The Hobbit. Yet this year he’s been in two blockbuster movies, Wrath of the Titans and Battleship. And The Hobbit is still to come.

John recently answered a few questions about his work on these films in a Q&A with Middle-earth News. For Tolkien fans keen to find out more on his role in The Hobbit, he describes Bain, son of Bard as: (highlight below to reveal spoilers)

“a young boy ready to do battle when needs be and to protect his father.” He later adds that: “I won’t shy away from a fight sequence, and I’m happy to slip into a harness whenever it’s needed so I can hang off a cliff or swing across a perilous ravine.”

It’s unclear whether the second quote could refer to his work in other films. Could we really see Bain rescuing Bard from deadly danger? Anyone who knows more, please drop us an e-mail!.

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