Here’s another giveaway at ending this week…and this one is a biggy! We are 100% sure you won’t find another opportunity to win an official The Hobbit “200 days to go” long sleeve black T-shirt, supplied to the crew at the end of filming of block one. This giveaway is made possible by actor Conan Stevens (Bolg in The Hobbit) and the upcoming web series ‘The Clandestine.’ Conan has literally taken the shirt off his back to give to one lucky fan! It could not be more easy to participate –  Simply visit Bolg’s official blog (Get it? Conan plays Bolg…and its a Blog…), read the entry, and come back to to fill out the form below. To find out the answer to the contest question, you will need to watch the video on Conan’s site. (Since we have a lot of rated-G visitors, I will give you a small warning that the content of the video is playfully violent. Conan is, after all, a very large imposing actor who usually plays pretty violent roles!!) The giveaway ends at midnight on May 31st so enter asap! We’ve included a gallery of the shirt at the bottom of this post as well. Good luck!

And of course, lend your support and tune in for the new web series The Clandestine!

[Bolg’s Blog Entry Info] [The Clandestine]