Welcome to our collection of TORn’s hottest topics for the past week. If you’ve fallen behind on what’s happening on the Message Boards, here’s a great way to catch the highlights. Or if you’re new to TORn and want to enjoy some great conversations, just follow the links to some of our most popular discussions. Watch this space as every weekend we will spotlight the most popular buzz on TORn’s Message Boards. Everyone is welcome, so come on in and join in the fun!

Over on The Hobbit Movie Discussion forum, there’s an interesting mix of Hobbit film expectations.  TORn poster Mybear remembers how Peter Jackson looked to TORn and other fan sites for input of how we felt about The Lord of the Rings filming progress.  So it’s only natural to wonder what suggestions Board posters would have for Peter now.  Click here and share yours.

Another interesting part of that mix is TORn poster sinister71’s curiosity of what Hobbit scenes everyone is looking forward to seeing.  Click here and share those scenes you MUST be yearning to see!

However, over in The Arena Discussion Board, poster Chopsta123 has created a fascinating game called LotR Character Elimination *Qualifiers*.  Board posters had fun with this one, so come and check it out.

On the Off Topic Discussion Board, forum Admin Ataahua offered a fascinating discussion about commonly misused words and phrases that opened the floodgate of phrases TORn posters have had to endure.  This has actually sparked quite a response.  Come on in and see those phrases gathered so far and tell us some of yours.

We’ll share more topics next week and hope you can join in on the conversation!  Don’t forget, TheOneRing.net’s message boards have over 7,700 registered Tolkien fans, just like you.  Let your voice be heard!


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