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Epic Fail: Darth Vader vs. Gandalf – Super Power Beat Down

May 20, 2012 at 8:41 am by Calisuri  - 

The folks over at Super Power Beat Down are obviously trying to tick off Tolkien fans. In the recent match-up of ‘Darth Vader vs. Gandalf,’ they’ve managed to make an amazing technical presentation of a battle between these two pop culture icons (well worth the watch!), but failed when it came down to making an educated decision on who could actually win a battle between the two. Ultimately if the competition comes down to a vote of the pop culture masses, we can always count on the slavish drones of Lucasites feverishly voting for anything that has the moniker of ‘Star Wars.’ Yea, I’m all kinds of sour grapes. Enjoy the video for the technical prowess and presentation. And, I may mention, the guy in the Darth Vader outfit is actually good TORn friend David Baxter (aka Treebeard)! He’s really tall, but next time I see him, I’ll try to send a collective slap for the Tolkien community. (P.S. – the views in this story of those of Calisuri, and not :P) [Super Power Beat Down] [Direct YouTube Link]

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Source: Super Power Beat Down Epic Fail: Darth Vader vs. Gandalf – Super Power Beat Down | Discuss

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26 responses to “Epic Fail: Darth Vader vs. Gandalf – Super Power Beat Down”

  1. Lord Andrak says:

    how many times does Darth Vader come back to life… 
    oh that’s right none, 
    If Gandalf hasn’t served his purpose the Valar would just send him back. (correct me if I’m wrong my silmarillion/tolkien lore is a bit rusty)of course anyone on this site is likely to be a tad bias.

  2. AuthorInside says:

    So sad. The only fans Vader has are his clones…I think the voting was rigged.  I’d like to see him battle a Balrog. 😛

  3. Lokihasfun says:

    Well one thing that is in the Lord of the Ring’s favor is that the actor who plays Anakin is WAY better than the one Lucas hired.  

  4. FaramirHere says:

    I don’t think the guy did a good enough job defending Gandalf. …whatever. People will be reminded of Gandalf’s power and epicness once The Hobbit comes around.

  5. Philip Byers says:

    The Pro-Gandalf dude failed to cite even half of the relevant facts.

  6. Guest says:


  7. Jo Con414 says:

    first off, Vader can’t even use lightning. He’s an empty shell of what he could have been. Besides that, IT’S GANDALF. Automatic win.

  8. PippinFangirl says:

        Are we talking Gandalf vs. Vader or Gandalf vs. Vader and Vader’s whole army? Either way Gandalf wins.
        Also Gandalf came back from the dead. Seriously, how can Vader beat that?

  9. Gabe Miller says:

    I think everyone’s overreacting.  I’m a hardcore Tolkien fan, and I still really enjoyed this video.  (It’s probably helps that I’m also a Star Wars fan :P)  I’m pretty sure that Gandalf would crush Vader, but still, this video was really well done, and entertaining.  
    You don’t need to be like, “Oh, the voting was rigged, blah blah blah.”  Just enjoy it for what it is, even if you think Gandalf should have won instead.

  10. Nadreth says:

    Versus things between fan bases are so incredibly annoying. I happen to be a fan of both, I am a bigger fan of Star Wars, but I’m a fan of both. I guess the videos or theoretical combats are fun, it’s mostly when people get unreasonably offended at them that it gets annoying.

  11. It would depend partly on which Gandalf we’re talking about. Gandalf the Grey wasn’t able to fend off the power of Saruman, but Gandalf the WHITE completely smacked him down! White Gandalf would do the same to Vader.

  12. Seth97 says:

     Gandalf could own him all the way. Voters are false!

  13. Kristy says:

    Gandalf being an Istari/Maiar meant he was essentially a junior member of the gods (for non-Tolkien friends I compare the Valar to Olympus, or explain that Gandalf is “angel class” )— that has to count for something!  : >  And even in Lucas’ world, age meant growing in power, as evidenced by Yoda.  The video is really nicely done, even though it is clearly wrong, hehe.

  14. amuletts says:

    Yeah I was expecting Gandalf to come back from the dead and kick Vader’s ass. They should have done the whole ‘If you strike me down I’ll become more powerful…’ thing, except in Gandalf’s case he really DOES! 

  15. deadalus01 says:

    Ok, we saw the fight between Darth Vader and Gandalf the Grey.
    Now I want to see how Gandalf the White kicks Vaders butt ^^

  16. Bookwormfaith says:

    Reason why Vader loses: Gandalf is a Maia. All Vader’s arguments are invalid, he’s fighting an angel =p

  17. Warriorpoetex says:

    Both great characters, but different Universes with different rules. It is a stupid comparison honestly … just another thing to get fanboys on both sides foaming at the mouth. Both are very powerful, Vader’s for example is really shown more in some of the novels vs the older films were CGI and super effects were in their infancy. (IE: Vader force choked and killed thousands of Nogri warriors at once in Zahn’s series).

    For Gandalf, a demi-god, reborn the White through Eru … a great power.

    This is really Force vs Divinity; more of a philosophical debate than a Grudge Match.

    My winner: Neither … I’ll keep my love for classic Star Wars and LOTR intact and happy as is.

  18. SCRIBBLEonLIFE says:

    GANDALF all the way! INJUSTICE to his powers … thats all I can say abut it!

  19. Lotrgeek44 says:

    Yeah the pro-Vader guy is missing it.  Gandalf isn’t an old man, that is just the form he manifests himself in.  He is clearly shown in the book to be as lithe and strong as any man.  Vader is the one who dies due to his old decrepit body crapping out (not that he isn’t strong).  Also, Gandalf, as one of the Maiar, could be described as a minor god.  Vader is just a cyborg.  Sorry just had to show some support for Gandalf, but I agree with the previous commenter who says it is really a stupid comparison.  

  20. Gabe Miller says:

    I agree.

  21. Me Myself says:

    And Vader was defeated by Dooku, an old man who was still an APPRENTICE. 

  22. Gabe Miller says:

    Maybe he comes back as Gandalf the White afterwards and kills Vader off screen 😛

  23. I’m a fan of both, Star Wars is bigger, but yeah… agree with Nadreth, though I find it offending if someone says something is better than star wars and stuff. I don’t even say that myself.

  24. Bryce Michaels says:

    Judas Priest you guys – get a freakin’ life!

  25. alecjb16 says:

    Gandalf should have won because good always defeats evil in fantasy. And don’t say Star Wars isn’t fantasy because, it’s a mix of both sci fi, and fantasy

  26. alecjb16 says:

    I agree. They should have never even put Gandalf with Vader. I think they should have put Gandalf up against someone from the Wheel of Time series such as: Moraine Domodred Aes Sedai (sorceress), or Ishmael the one of the Forsaken. Even the White Witch from Narnia would suffice

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