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Exactly 7 months from today, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released!!  With the 30 weeks and some odd days until that happy time, TORN’s Hobbit Movie Discussion Board is in full-blown overdrive with speculations and debates.  This week has been no different.  TORn poster Bombadil has stirred the pot with thoughts on the music for The Hobbit films.  We even had a surprise visitor that is close to the secrets of what’s to come, but…  well, come see for yourself!

Due to the record-breaking box office results of The Avengers its first weekend out, it was pointed out that The Hobbit would break that total and then some!  There are many opinions on this competitive topic.  What do you think?

Over on the Main Discussion Board, many of us are still Walking to Rivendell and Beyond as we retrace the steps of the Fellowship and the Company while racking up loads of miles as we await The Hobbit release.  Come join the Quest(s) as we follow the trails through Middle-earth (and get into shape) on our weekly posting of the Walk to Rivendell.

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