While marketing “The Hobbit” movie to help New Zealand tourism comes as no surprise, this article from stuff.co.nz has some interesting insights as to where the majority of NZ visitors come from. Do those locations have the potential to translate box office dollars into tourism dollars? If not, maybe it’s time to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand. Come on – you know you want to!

“Tourism New Zealand is about to take a $60 million punt on an imaginary creature with short legs and furry feet. The first of Sir Peter Jackson’s widely anticipated two Hobbit movies – adaptions of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novel – is due out in December and Tourism New Zealand is planning to ensure the world knows they were filmed here. Chief executive Kevin Bowler says they are working with Warner Bros and Wingnut Films, sorting out the finer details of what the advertising will look like, what Hobbit themes could be used with the 100% Pure brand.”  Read More…



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