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Hall of Fire tomorrow: Strange as News from Bree

April 20, 2012 at 9:10 pm by Demosthenes  - 

This weekend in Hall of Fire we’re taking a quick diversion from our Fellowship of the Ring read-through to talk about a humble yet oddly important part of Middle-earth (and its peculiar inhabitants) — the village of Bree.

“Strange as News from Bree was still a saying in the Eastfarthing, descending from those days, when news from the North, South, and East could be heard in the inn…” — Fellowship of the Ring.

What sort of place is Bree? What are its inhabitants like? What conclusions can we draw about them from characters such as Barliman Butterbur, his employees Nob and Bob, as well as folk like Harry the Gatekeeper and Bill Ferny? In what ways are they similar — and different — to the folk of the Shire? Just how do the Big Folk and the Little Folk get on so well? And in the few Bree hobbits we meet, can we see any links in behaviour and culture to the Shirefolk?

And, just how important is this village in shaping the events of the War of the Ring? Consider: Gandalf’s “chance meeting” with Thorin Oakenshield that leads to the Quest for Erebor, and later, a certain letter that Barliman Butterbur neglects to forward to the Shire. Is Bree an often-overlooked gem of Middle-earth?

Join us tomorrow on Saturday April 21 at 6pm EDT when we’ll discuss all these questions and more as we talk about Barliman Butterbur and the oddities of Breefolk!

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Posted in Barliman News, Barlimans, Hall of Fire on April 20, 2012 by

Daggers of Tauriel

One response to “Hall of Fire tomorrow: Strange as News from Bree”

  1. Radbug says:

    Create an array out of Arnor. Assume a horseman riding at x mph for 24 hours (“gathered in haste”). How large would the circumference of that circle be?  That circle would have to pass closely by 30 elements of the array. I have calculated that there would be 2,500 elements in the array, ie., 2,400 Dunadain, and perhaps another 800 on furlough. Lesson: you’d have Dunadain passing through the Prancing Pony every day. They’d be bog common!

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