TORn message board member Beutlin alerts us to a German film website that has recently posted a video showcasing Hobbiton and a couple of WETA artists working on The Hobbit.

Most of the video is in German, but much of the relevant bits (from 07:10 through to around 13:00) are spoken in English by New Zealanders.

The topic is already being discussed on our message boards, and anyone willing to send in an English translation of the relevant bits is most welcome to do so.

UPDATE: TORn message board member mona2505 has obliged us with an English transcript of the video. The same can be found here.


  1. Link doesn’t work.

  2. Elvedar

    There is also a cutted version:

  3. The URL to the moviepilot page might not work properly, so try this URL
    The report from New Zealand begins at about 7 mins into the video.

    •  I sure Wish I had bothered to look down here at the comments instead of guessing around on the German site till I found it!
      I was going to post the proper link as well, but you beat me to it!

  4. It’s a pity that it’s mostly in German (WETA Workshop), my German is very bad 🙁

    Ann Peters

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