Tolkien Forever will hold our annual Reading Day on March 24, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., at the Cat and Fiddle, 6530 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Since 2012 marks the 75th year since the publication of “The Hobbit” and will also see the release of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, it is also not unexpected that the theme of Reading Day 2012 will be “The Hobbit”.

Editors note: The image links to a High-Res version, feel free to print and share with other fans.

For those who have attended Reading Day in the past, please note that the venue this year IS a pub and therefore not child-friendly. In fairness to those who wish to read at this largely unmoderated event, please prepare a piece of not more than 7 minutes in length. A sign-in sheet will be available at the door and readers should sign in with their name, the piece they will read, it’s approximate length and any comments they have on the piece. One of your Reading Day hosts will introduce you and your piece, in the order of sign-ins, and using your comments as an intro to your reading. (*old* Tolkien Forever members: in deference to new members, you may be asked to let the new folks read first. We will have, therefore, two different columns on the sign-in sheet, one for the ‘elder’ members, (Treebeard) and one for the new folks (Quickbeam)).

Parking is often a problem in the Hollywood area. Please note that Cat and Fiddle offers valet parking at a very decent rate. There is also limited on-street parking, but please read the signs carefully to avoid tickets.

Since we expect a goodly turn-out, please help the wait-staff at the Cat and Fiddle by bringing cash to the event (so that they do not have to split the bills between any number of credit cards). For events of this size, it is typical for an 18% gratuity to be added to the bill, so please plan accordingly. You can view the Cat & Fiddle Menu here.
Mainly: please bring your Tolkien books, your Tolkien love and your hobbity appetites and join us on March 24 to celebrate our favorite author!