TORn affilates Red Carpet Tours are hatching plans for a Hobbit tour of New Zealand including a Hobbit Premiere Party in Wellington.

As well as all the locations Red Carpet visits in their classic LOTR tour, this 14-day tour will visit all-new Hobbit locations in Nelson and Golden Bay, as well as meeting the original Ring maker.

In 2003, Red Carpet and TORN combined to organise a party in Wellington for the ROTK premiere. It sold out immediately, and was attended by hundreds of people, including surprise guests Sean Astin and Sir Ian McKellen to name a few.

The atmosphere in Wellington around the premiere was unbelievable – truly an unforgettable experience! And we want to do it again.

At this stage we don’t know the exact date of the Wellington premiere, but it’s expected to be in late November or early December. We know enough to start preparing NOW!

Start by checking out the shape and content of the tour here. Dates to come.