With the timing of Christmas and New Year, we never quite got round to discussing the Hobbit teaser trailer in the Hall of Fire.

This weekend we’re going to remedy that with a special topic: five things we loved about the Hobbit teaser trailer!

Join us on Saturday January 14 at 5pm EST when we’ll proceed to go a bit trailer crazy and gush about the things in the teaser that caught our attention.

What was it for you? Maybe it was Gandalf in that mysterious location. Maybe it was Bag End! Maybe it was the dwarves singing. Maybe… maybe it was nothing!

Whichever it was, be sure to join our special Hall of Fire chat on Saturday and let us know what you think!

Time zone conversions

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5.00pm EST (New York)
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2.00pm PST (Los Angeles)

10.00pm GMT (London)
11.00pm CET (Europe)

8.00am AEST (Sunday) Brisbane,
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Midday NZDT (Sunday) Wellington

Our chats usually last 45 mins to an hour, and are very newbie friendly. Simply drop in and join the conversation!

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