Image Removed at the request of Gentle Giant Ltd.

Yesterday MTV’s Movie Blog posted a sketch for a mini-bust of Thorin from The Hobbit films, then mysteriously removed it, well we have it here for you. Take a look before it also disappears!

MTV wrote: This past weekend, a file made its way to our inbox that got us excited… but also can’t be authenticated. It appears to be a sketch for a mini-bust of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the dwarven warriors in the upcoming The Hobbit film, and has Gentle Giant Ltd. literally written all over it! After contacting the folks at G.G., and receiving what amounted to “no comment”, we decided it would be a disservice not to post it for you all regardless. The Hobbit’s action figure license has been granted to a company that isn’t known for such things, so this offers collectors and fans a tinge of hope that some cool merchandise will still be released from the upcoming films. Gentle Giant is no stranger to either the world of J.R.R. Tolkien or movie-based mini-busts thanks to their pioneering of Real Scan technology, so if this isn’t real– it should be!

While we can’t truly say that this is official, our source has yet to bring us any b.s. info. Read on for a look at the full art in question and decide for yourselves.

Image Removed at the request of Gentle Giant Ltd.

Sure, this could have been used to attempt in getting the rights to produce busts based on the film franchise, but we doubt Gentle Giant has to jump through hoops when it comes to Peter Jackson’s epic since they previously released an entire LotR mini-bust line.

We’ll have updates, and hopefully images, as soon as we can find out more.

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