Anton S. alerted us to an interview with Mikael Persbrandt in Swedish site where he talks a little bit about his role as Beorn in The Hobbit.

Here’s the translation of the relevant bits that Anton sent along.

MovieZine: Are you finished filming the Hobbit?
Mikael P.: No, absolutely not. I’m going back there in February.

MovieZine: Do you have a part in both films?
Mikael P.: Yes I have. The role is more or less what it is in the book. I’m not going to talk much more about it because they’ll get angry at me, but read the book and you see… and then maybe there is a little more.

MovieZine: How is your character Beorn created? Make-up or some kind of motion-capture?
Mikael P.: As I said before I intended to survive the night. Otherwise I guess I’ll get a missile after me. It’s exciting to be a part of it. You’ll see later, its barley a year left until the premier in December.