After a flurry of internet activity with the Hobbit dropping on the world, a trip to the cinema was in order to see that same trailer on the big screen. The problem was, it wasn’t there, at least with the some 3D versions of the latest Tintin movie. If you viewed Tintin and it did NOT have The Hobbit trailer attached please email Email with the subject “No trailer”. If you saw Tintin with a trailer, congrats, but please don’t send mail. Reports are coming in that various 3D Tintin screenings do not feature the trailer and instead has glasses-needed viewings of The Phantom Menance, Titantic, Madagascar 3 and The Lorax. The widely reported attachment to Tintin (great flick by the way) seems to apply to the regular format of the film. We are seeking official word and will update you as we can but lots of screenings have the same 3D report.