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The Hobbit Trailer Online!

December 20, 2011 at 9:56 pm by xoanon  - 

While some people have been getting a ‘oops, wrong page’ link on Apple Trailers, we can confirm that the trailer link is If you are lucky enough to see it now, enjoy! Others may have to wait a few more minutes!

Posted in Events, Hobbit Movie on December 20, 2011 by

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23 responses to “The Hobbit Trailer Online!”

  1. Matt says:

    Can someone download it, so the rest of us can see it?

  2. Esteban Gómez says:

    I have just seen it, it´s a great trailer, with a deep tone, I love the dwarf song, is beautiful, thanks Peter Jackson and team!! Sorry for my english, I´m from Chile… Esteban Gómez.-

  3. Izzie says:

    Thanks for all Weta Workshop, this is more than magic……

  4. Titas says:

    the trailer download link isnt working in itunes I also saw they changed their blog site 

  5. Sam says:

     Is there a 48fps version of this trailer? In the theaters the trailer will also be 24 fps? We will have to wait to the actual realease of the film to see the 48 fps?

  6. Guest says:

    If Itunes is not working for you, check it out attached to a news report at:

  7. Greenleaf60563 says:

    This trailer is amazing!  When Thorin started singing and the other dwarves joined in my heart began to pound.  I think I’m going to have that song in my head all night long.  I’ve watched the trailer 10 times already.  Stunning and beautiful.  It brought back all those feelings I had when I saw a new “Lord of the Rings” trailer.  Thank you Peter for not making us wait another day.

  8. Eric Dolecki says:

    I like it – but unless you read the book, you won’t know what this movie is about by this trailer. Also – Thorin looks way too young and WAY too tall for my liking.

  9. Andrew West says:

    Amazing as good as I suspected! However it doesnt give a huge bit of info on the first films storyline.

  10. jenny says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  11. attercop says:

    Extrafine it is!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tried to download the trailer, using the options in the page.  All it would give me was a page listing available trailers.

    Tried to view it.  All it would give me was a page telling me to install QuickTime.  I already had QT, so uninstalled it, downloaded and reinstalled a new version, and tried again.  Was told to install QuickTime.  QT worked in save .mov files, so it was installed correctly. 

    Either the trailer page has serious bugs or its real purpose is to drive people to Apple’s download pages.

  13. Anonymous says:

    YES.  SO GOOOOOD!!!!  The feel is just like LOTR, which is such a relief considering all the stuff Guillermo was saying that it was similar but not the same.  Im so happy PJ is directing.  I cant hardly wait…

  14. Giancarlo Mariot says:


  15. Jason says:

    Pure, unadulterated bliss. I love GDT, but to see how seamless this is, how much a part of the world we cherish this feels….I am beyond glad that PJ ended up directing these. It looks new and old at the same time. Stunning. The song was a brave choice, and works incredibly well. Thank you PJ, and everyone involved.

  16. Chris vanan Asperen, Holland says:

    The total atmosphere of the Dwarven;s Song in the book is admirably equalled in the fragment of the trailer. Congratulations to Fran, Peter, Philippa and Guillermo!

  17. lordglozelle says:

    Awesome! Just blew me away! Peter Jackson and the team will bring us the best movie of the next year and of course a worthy adaptation that steps up to the quality of “The Lord of the Rings!” 

  18. Nick_rainsford says:

    i dont want to point out the obvious, but just wanna make sure that im not the only one that made this possible connection. the shot of frodo leaving bag end with bilbo outside the door. possibly bilbo said to frodo, that his expecting gandalf and to go wait for him? so frodo has gone off down the hill to the tree in the fellowship? coz frodo and bilbo are wearing the same clothes as the start of fellowship, and possibly the sign on the gate saying no admittance is there, from what i can see. my point mainly is that i would of thought that moment would be towards the end of part 2? to link into fellowship. but maybe im wrong, and possibly it is for part 2 and they just decided to use the shot for the trailer

  19. Alexwall29 says:

    Best Christmas present ever!!

  20. Alexwall29 says:

    Best Christmas present ever!!

  21. Enna says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!

  22. Enna says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!

  23. RSBerridge says:

    I think and this is just guess work but maybe the start of the first hobbit movie will be like the start of the fellowship with Bilbo writing except this time we will go back and see the events of the hobbit. If that makes sense.

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