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Wellington is a whirlwind, smells like Hobbit

December 8, 2011 at 8:19 pm by MrCere  - 

Our story so far: Peter Jackson made three Middle-earth movies and people loved them. Now he is making two more and people already love them too. MrCere, Senior Staff, writer and photographer at (around since 1999) went to NZ to see what he could see. Landed in Queenstown, found lots of LOTR stuff, drove north to see the people of the ring, visited Hobbiton set and now is in Wellington, center of NZ’s cinematic empire.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND — I thought, and it makes me chuckle now, that when I landed in Wellington I would finally be based in one place long enough to really crank out some copy. Ha!

Instead, Wellington has been a whirlwind but that is a great thing, not a bad thing. I often contemplate cancelling one of the events here so I can spend hours writing and posting photos but I haven’t cancelled anything yet and each time I go to do something, I find that I am very glad to have been along.

Some of those events have tourism ties and then end up having direct ties to things here at TheOneRing, even when I think they will not. Other things, like spending the day with the kids at Weta, are directly tied in. None of them so far have been worth sacrificing and time is running out fast. But stories I have in some stage of ready:
* Hobbit set visit with images
* An exclusive with Richard Taylor
* Chat with Erica Challis TORn co-founder Tehanu (and darn fun and entertaining as well)
* Visit with Red Carpet Tours
* Visit to many sights in the Wellington area used for LOTR filming
* Flash event at the now even improved Embassy Theater
* Tintin screening, chuck full of Andy Serkis
* A moot in Timaru
* Lots and lots of pretty pictures
* Conversation with LOTR location guidebook author Ian Brodie
* A kiwi named Frodo and another named Jackson
And on and on. Thing is, I have to go now, more stuff! But there is an excitement around these parts that is pretty fun and special to be able to catch wind of. The scent of The Hobbit filming is in the air. Before I go, thanks to all the many folks who have given me personally and support off all kinds. Your help is greatly appreciated and deeply felt. More soon. Promise!

Posted in Andy Serkis, Hobbit Movie, LotR Production, MrCere in New Zealand, Production, Richard Taylor, The Hobbit, WETA Cave, WETA Workshop on December 8, 2011 by
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4 responses to “Wellington is a whirlwind, smells like Hobbit”

  1. Hi Mc Crere, I know how that feels when you have so much to write during events like this but haven’t got the time to do it. I’m a travel writer and when I’m traveling sometimes I fall behind on the journal and have 3 or 4 days to catch up on all at once, because there are so many things that I’ve been doing during the trip. Do you have any vacancies at The One Ring by any chance (and I’m being serious)? I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan, have been to New Zealand twice, met Alan Lee at the Weta Cave in 2009 (was absolutely thrilled about meeting him) and would love to work for The One Ring. Regards, Martina Mc Auley.

  2. Martina Mc Auley says:

    By the way, if you get the chance to go with Hasslefree Tours to see the Edoras location, at Mt. Sunday, outside Christchurch, go, because it is one of my favourite Lord of the Rings locations. You have a 360 degree view of some stunning snowcapped mountains and make sure you’re steady on your feet as you can easily get blown away there. The winds can get up to 80 miles an hour but most definitely worth the view and the fact to be able to stand on the spot where they filmed Edoras is wonderful. Regards, Martina Mc Auley. Check out my Edoras blog entry:

  3. Aikatara says:

    Wow, im really curious to see all the pics you’ve got…

  4. luvgabe says:


    I appreciate your reporting from New Zealand, but please please please…Please stop announcing you will be writing on this or that. You are taking time and energy making those “coming attractions” announcements. Please just do it.

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