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  2. We got more from our friends at Budk. This time Rohan is getting some love and specifically Eomer. If you’re a prop…

  3. Hear me out: Animal Crossing, but its Treebeard and you are a sapling Ent arranging your small part of the forest

Empire Magazine’s Massive LOTR Issue

December 2, 2011 at 3:50 pm by xoanon  - 

Thanks to Gordon for these scans from Empire Magazine’s 10 Anny LOTR issue. Take a look, and enjoy the look back in time!

Posted in Books Publications, Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, Merchandise on December 2, 2011 by

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3 responses to “Empire Magazine’s Massive LOTR Issue”

  1. Ancalagon the Black says:

    I would love to see people getting a subscription to the best movie magazine in the world….in a couple of weeks, subscribers also get the iPad edition with additional (video) content for free with their subscription. This is no shameless plug, I’m not in any way affiliated with them, just a big fan in the Netherlands. And I do find posting these scans a bit of a tight walk on the rope if you catch my drift….or has permission been granted?

  2. Periantari says:

    omg so cool! I LOVE IT! thanks for linking!!!

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