features a Hobbit Countdown feature every other week written by our own staffer Larry D. Curtis. In the latest writing he speculates on what might be included in the coming Hobbit teaser and he looks back a decade ago when fans rocked the internet and went to see film Thirteen Days just to catch the first glimpse of Middle-earth. We included the LOTR tease below but here is a hint of what one writer speculates will be in the clip rumored to be with the new Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows December 16th. Despite inquiries no official confirmation has been issued. Variety broke the story on Twitter when Jeff Sneider tweeted, “Expect to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer in front of SHERLOCK HOLMES 2… And MAYBE even a HOBBIT teaser,”

Take that “MAYBE” as you will.

Below is a block of text from the speculative article about the hoped for tease. You can read the whole thing right here. And, if you want to see archives about LOTR trailers, we have that too.

Plan on something about a ring to be sure. Andy Serkis’ Gollum will be back to give less-fervent fans a reminder of what the connective tissue between LOTR and the Hobbit is. Martin Freeman’s earnest face will surely get the most screen time as the title character but expect the beloved Ian McKellen as Gandalf to be close behind in terms of time. With location shooting scheduled to turn to studio work early next year and last until June, it is clear that large portions of the adaptation have yet to go before cameras.

Finally, we included the original teaser from a decade ago. Did you see it first at theaters or on the web?