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Movie bosses force Scots company to remove ‘hobbit’ name from lodges

November 11, 2011 at 12:12 pm by xoanon  - 

From Movie bosses are trying to ban a Scots firm from calling their holiday lodges “hobbit houses”. Microlodge UK came up with the nickname for their timber pods because they look like dwellings from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. But lawyers for movie company Saul Zaentz – who own the film, stage and merchandising rights to the JRR Tolkien classics – have told them to remove the word “hobbit” from their website.

They fear customers will think the lodges, which are built in Methil, Fife, are endorsed by them. Microlodge co-boss Steve Millar last night branded the letter “a complete overreaction”. He said: “It’s odd that two guys from Methil could upset Hollywood.” But he said they would comply with the movie giant’s demands and take the word “hobbit” off their website.

Posted in Lord of the Rings, Tolkien on November 11, 2011 by

Daggers of Tauriel

2 responses to “Movie bosses force Scots company to remove ‘hobbit’ name from lodges”

  1. Straelbora says:

    Taking a page from the evil Disney Corporation’s playbook, Saul Zaentz and his descendants (corporate and otherwise) are going to make sure that nothing Professor Tolkien wrote ever makes it into the public domain.  Honestly, the term ‘hobbit’ has, like ‘superman’ or ‘kleenex,’ already entered the common vocubulary.  But sadly, greed and legal intimidation will win out here, as it has a thousands times over already, stifling creativity of artists and artisans alike.

  2. Nickmastersemail says:

    In fantasy lure “hobbit” is kinda owned by Tolkien… But they can just change it to “halfling houses” and they’d be fine.

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