Port Waikato was where Weathertop was shotthe Waikato Times is reporting:

Word on the Te Kuiti street is the hobbits are coming to town.

Crew members from the big-budget Warner Bros project have signed-in to King Country lodgings and at least one establishment is booked out with creative types from October 30 to November 6.

Talking to accommodation proprietors was a cloak-and-dagger exercise and the film’s production company, 3 Foot 7, was tight-lipped.

A contact at Panorama Motor Inn, 59 Awakino Rd, was cautious: “I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you,” she said softly, before spilling the beans. “They’re not here yet. I can tell you we’ll have a couple on October 20, but you did not hear that from me. On the 30th we’re booked out with them.”

Motel Te Kuiti already has crew crashing in its beds after a bunch rocked up on Monday.

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