Anton writes: I have just read an older interview with actor Mikael Persbrandt, back from September 1, in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter where they, among other things, asked him about his role as Beorn in the upcoming The Hobbit-films. I know that the interview isn’t up-to-date, but I still imagine that it’s a good read for Lotr-fans excepting the films. Once again I restrict myself to the things relating to the Hobbit and try to translate it all to the best of my ability. Now lets get on with it…

-“I try to act as him as if it all is a small drama; especially given the suit I’m going to wear.” Persbrandt replied on the question on how he’s going to act as Beorn, and he also apparently laughed after saying the thing about the suit.

-“But it’s all incredibly fun to do and I have some really nice scenes of dialogues with Ian McKellen and the others that I’m really looking forward to. I’m soon off (and please keep in mind here that this interview isn’t completely fresh) to some days of filming with Peter Jackson and it will be several off these back and fourth, both next year and in 2013.”

In the interview it is also revealed that even Persbrandt (like so many others involved) has a very personal relation to Tolkien’s original books and states that he has read both The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy several times in his youth.

Here is a link to the interview in its entirety: