1. When you get a host who actually represents the majority of Tolkien fans, then I’ll watch these things.  As it is, no thanks.  I can read.

  2. Anonymous

    Well done!

  3. Adfilmer34

    The oTher girl was hotter.

  4. Timbaker

    Disagree. This chicks hotter and a much better speaker. Whats-her-face was amateur by comparison in both looks and performance and the only reason I can think for people not giving this chick a chance is because they are resistant to change, like most internet tough guy nerds who live in their parent’s basement (moving out is a HUGE change!).

    @yahoo-2VMNRHWSBPUTJ7NZ4UTMD45RJ4:disqus Did you even watch this? How does she not represent fans? She does a Gollum impression at the end. Jesus Christ, where the hell are all the normal people, internets?

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