Magpie writes: I just got this email from a Tolkien acquaintance on staff at Wheaton College.

“Greetings one and all!

Today marks the beginning of Tolkien Week, and I hope you enjoy every last minute of it. If you haven’t heard, Wheaton College has started a student club (that actually includes Faculty and Staff as well) called the Wheaton College Tolkien Society! It will be a joy to celebrate Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day with that group of people this year.And if you want to vicariously partake in some Tolkien Week activities, I’ll be on WETNWheaton College Radio this Tuesday morning (September 20) sometime between 8:30am and 9am. Tune in and join in the fun! I’ll be plugging Tolkien Week, Hobbit Day, and the WCTS.PS – Some of you on this list might be new to the whole “Tolkien Week” thing. Explanation here:’s a whole week of celebrating Tolkien and his works, established by the American Tolkien Society. Tolkien geeks unite!) ;)”