How’s your Tolkien trivia? Do you know the difference between a Balcoth and a Brandybuck? All the seven names for the Noldorin stronghold of Gondolin? How many great rings of power there were in total?

Well, if you’re up for the challenge, we’re powering up our trivia master Elrond for this weekend’s Hall of Fire session. Elrond knows more than 750 questions — some easy, some not so easy! So join us this evening (Saturday September 17) from 6pm EDT in #thehalloffire on our IRC server ( where we’ll be indulging in a fun battle of wits where that will test your Tolkien geekery to the limit!

Upcoming chats in Hall of Fire

September 17 — LoTR and Middle-earth Trivia!
September 24 — The Hobbit Ch 13

Time zone conversions

Not sure what time the chat will be where you are? Check this little conversion table out for some help.

6.00pm EDT (New York)
5.00pm CDT (Chicago)
4.00pm MDT (Denver)
3.00pm PDT (Los Angeles)

11.00pm GMT (London)
Midnight CDT (Europe)

8.00am (Sunday) Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
11.00am (Sunday) Wellington

Our chats usually last 45 mins to an hour, and are very newbie friendly. Simply drop in and join the conversation!

Where — connection details

Chat happens on #thehalloffire on — the TORn IRC server. You can connect instantly via our embedded Mibbit client that works inside your web browser.

Alternatively, you can install a dedicated chat program such as mIRC on your computer and just plug in the following connection details.

Port: 6667
Channel: #thehalloffire