Our friend Jason Fisher (better known here at  TORN as message board member Visualweasel) has published his first book, Tolkien and the Study of His Sources: Critical Essays. Source criticism — the analysis of a writer’s source material — has long been one of the most popular approaches in exploring the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, but there has never been a comprehensive book on the subject until now. Since Tolkien drew from many disparate sources, an understanding of these sources, as well as how and why he incorporated them, can enhance readers’ appreciation of his work. This collection of new essays by leading Tolkien scholars — including Tom Shippey, John Rateliff, Diana Pavlac Glyer, Jason Fisher, and others — describes the theory and methodology for proper source criticism and provides practical demonstrations of the approach. A must have for serious fans! Here’s what the Tolkien community is saying:

“The most exhaustive examination yet published of demonstrable, probable, and conjectural sources for Tolkien’s legendarium ransacks myth, history, astronomy, literature and popular culture for clues to Tolkien’s raw material. This collection will stimulate readers and scholars alike.”
—Verlyn Flieger, author of Splintered Light: Logos and Language in Tolkien’s World

“This critical collection provides a solid defense of the sometimes-maligned literary discipline of ‘source-hunting’ along with outstanding examples of the value of this approach in understanding the depths of Tolkien’s literary creation.”
—Douglas A. Anderson, author of The Annotated Hobbit

“A valuable book for anyone serious about Tolkien. It not only adds new, confirming material to what is known about Tolkien’s sources but covers areas of influence previously denied or underplayed.”
—Marjorie J. Burns, author of Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien’s Middle-earth

Follow this link to learn more on Amazon, and good luck with the book, Jason!