From the Dominion Post:

The skeleton that remained of the set has been a very popular tourist attraction. We also know that it has since been rebuilt for The Hobbit – and that this time it won’t be removed once filming is completed. It’s been designed to last 50 years.

But what surprises me is that the public can visit the rebuilt set right now before the cameras roll.

Ian Brodie, author of the detailed and very handy Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook, is the media and communications manager for the Hobbiton movie set.

He told me that multiple tours continue to visit the set each day. “The only thing they [visitors] have to do is sign a non-disclosure agreement.

They can take as many photos as they want, they just can’t post them up online or do those sorts of things. Certainly they are seeing it at its best.”

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  1. Mtizard

    I visited the set yesterday as I was passing through, and without revealing too much, I can confirm that the set looks *AMAZING* (no comparison to the picture with this post). Anyone within striking distance should take the opportunity to check it out before filming begins and the set closes to the public. I must say it was very impressive, and our tour guide Eric was really great as well – very knowledgeable about the book and movies. Great experience.

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