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Steve Hillard’s ‘Mirkwood’ Coming to a Screen Near You?

August 15, 2011 at 11:19 am by newsfrombree  - 

More Tolkien on the big screen? This might not be what you had in mind, but… Remember Steve Hillard, the author of a controversial book ‘Mirkwood‘ which features JRR Tolkien as a fictional character? Well, after a series of legal wranglings, his lawsuit was settled with the Tolkien Estate, and  it looks like he has decided to adapt ‘Mirkwood‘ for the screen.

Here’s the exclusive story from The Hollywood Reporter:

Author Steve Hillard has signed a deal with EMO Films to develop and secure financing for a film version of his novel Mirkwood, which centers around a fictional version of The Lord of the Rings authorJ.R.R. Tolkien.

Emo’s Joel Eisenberg and Timothy Owens will executive produce the project.

“The adaptation of Mirkwood will follow the template of the novel,” said Hillard, “but will delve considerably deeper into Tolkien’s little-known back story, such as his original plans to become a codebreaker in World War II up through the writing of his enduring works.”

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Posted in Creations, Fans, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, Miscellaneous, Tolkien, Tolkien Estate on August 15, 2011 by Source: The Hollywood Reporter Steve Hillard’s ‘Mirkwood’ Coming to a Screen Near You? | Discuss
The Floor Plan from WETA Workshop

8 responses to “Steve Hillard’s ‘Mirkwood’ Coming to a Screen Near You?”

  1. Dayna Budde says:

    Never heard of the book so I’m not sure if I like this or not.

  2. Linda Turner says:

    I’ve read all of David Owen’s “Imagenarium Geographica” books and they also have Tolkien,(as well as many other very famous authors) in a fictional portrayal. Last check at, the first book, “Here, There Be Dragons” is in production as a movie. So what’s the big deal with this one? 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Tolkien already write a story where the character is his alter ego, “Leaf by Niggle”? And doesn’t Beren, Bilbo and Frodo have a bit of him written in them as well?
    Who would we need someone else to write about him to portray him, when he has described himself well enough?

  4. Undomiel says:

    It’s bad enough they even allowed the book to be published. This man should never have been allowed to make such a MarySue-ish reworking of The Lord of the Rings! He should never have been allowed to publish what is technically plagerism – let alone vandellism – of a perfect novel! No wonder the Tolkien Estate want it banned…

  5. Skip Knox says:

    An artist should be free to write about whatever s/he pleases. This fellow wants to re-tell, or even re-imagine, JRR, that’s fine by me.  He doesn’t have to write it and I don’t have to like it.  Even, all around.

  6. Linda Turner says:

    Really?? You want to ban publication of anything that mentions Tolkien??? What makes him some sort of untouchable god??? I LOVE the LOTR books and The Hobbit. I have an entire room in my house devoted to his books and collectible items. But I am NOT going to try to ban anything he didn’t personally approve of.   If the estate doesn’t want it, it’s because Christopher Tolkien is an egotistical greedy bastard that wants it all for himself.  He didn’t want the LOTR movies to be made, either.  I don’t take anything seriously that he whines about.  If you don’t like it you don’t have to read it or see the movie.  But you have absolutely no right to try to ban any of it.  Back off.

  7. Christopher Carrie says:

    Let’s hope it’s not the last version of the Tolkien’s made into a movie! By the way how come the dead priest is making comments?
    Christopher Carrie

  8. Rochendil says:

    Easy there tiger! 

    We have Christopher Tolkien to thank for the compilation and publication of the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Children of Hurin & perhaps even – in part – the Lord of the Rings; since he was the guy who drew the maps, and was for a long time his father’s chief source of encouragement. 

    Far from being ‘an egotistical greedy bastard’ (so easy to say online don’t you think?), the money from New Line for example, which he fought for as Chief Executor of the Tolkien Estate, went towards charities approved by the Tolkien Trust such as the World Wide Fund for Nature.  He may not have liked Jackson’s films, but so what?  He’s entitled to his opinion and well placed to express it.  I dont think that constitutes ‘whining’.  So perhaps you should show some respect and in your words ‘back off’.

    As for this new book, I can’t really comment as I haven’t read it.  It’s understandable that the Tolkien Estate would not have wanted JRRT’s name dragged through the mud.  Now they’ve come to a settlement and I’m sure the book & film will be judged on their own merrits; just as were the books of the author who inspired them.

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