White-out weather chaos moves north

The snowfall in Wellington caused excitement and chaos throughout the city last night.

Snow settled in the northern suburbs, including Churton Park, Newlands and Karori, and there was flooding in Kilbirnie.

The final of the Ford National Hockey League was called off mid-game because of the weather.

English actor Stephen Fry, who is in Wellington filming The Hobbit, was among hundreds of people who took to Twitter.”It’s been an exciting day here in Wellington. Snow. That’s unusual … NZ is same latitude as Melbourne so it’s rare,” Fry tweeted. [Read More]


  1. Anonymous

    I understand it’s something very unusual in that part of the world, but as a Canadian, I do have to laugh at the idea of a hockey game being cancelled due to snow.

  2. Lollipop T Clown

    Don’t they get snow often?

  3. Willowing

    No we don’t get snow often, well not here in Wellington anyway. My only experience of snow was on the mountains.  Perhaps the further south, in the South Island for instance this will occur on some occasions. 

    So this is an unusual phenomena for us Wellington folks, as I(and many others) have never experienced snow flakes coming down from the sky before. 

    Hopefully it will pass quickly 

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