Wellington food writer Delaney Mes, author of the blog Heartbreak Pie (www.heartbreakpie.com), cook on the Good Morning show and Fishhead Magazine restaurant reviewer is going on 17 dates and eating 17 of the 50 Burger Wellington burger entries, then writing about it. She writes this about James Nesbitt: James Nesbitt is an actor. He’s well known for playing testicular-cancer suffering Adam in the hit British series Cold Feet. I know about the cancer part because an older lady at the table along from us hit him up about it before he sat down. She got the testicle bit wrong though, and it was hilarious. He’s known for other hit roles on TV and theatre, and he’s currently living with his family in Wellington filming The Hobbit. We talked wine, charm and foreign accents over The Polly Burger at Cafe Polo yesterday. And ladies and gentlemen, we may just have a winner. More..