It’s time to get our hands dirty with the latest Hobbit movie news and rumours again in the Hall of Fire!

There’s been a huge amount coming out over the past couple of weeks with the conclusion of the first block of shooting. Although script and plot details are being kept predictably close by the creative team, we do have a new production diary to analyse! What are your thoughts on the sets that we’ve seen? Where might they be? What scenes might have been being shot so far?

We’ve also had a rash of portrait photos of some of Thorin’s company of dwarves. What are your thoughts of how they look? Too “dark”? To hot? Just right? And what of the bios that have been published with each? What can we glean from poring through them?

And that’s not to mention other bits and bobs such as the news of Elijah Wood’s mysterious “flash forward”, what mysterious hints of “more humour” in the storyline could imply, plus, of course, the purpose of Evangeline Lilly’s “Tauriel”!

Be sure to join us on Saturday July 16 from 6pm EDT (USA east coast) in #thehalloffire on our IRC server and help us engage in some good old fashioned speculation and dissect all the latest news from the production.

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July 16 — Hobbit movie rumour round-up
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