Our good friend Douglas Kane (better known to TORN as “Voronwe the Faithful”) is proud to announce that the paperback edition of his book “Arda Reconstructed: The Creation of the Published Silmarillion” has now been published. The paperback edition has revisions to the text and a slick new cover design (see picture). Better yet, it’s available for half the price of the original hardcover edition. The paperback edition is currently available on Amazon here. Continue to read more for some great reviews of this ‘must have’ for every Tolkien geek, collector and scholar.

Douglas Kane minutely details the delicate task Christopher [Tolkien] undertook in stitching together elements of his father’s oeuvre . . . . Kane’s textual scholarship is rigorous and is a model not only for Tolkien scholars but for scholars of more canonical authors, whose textual study is often pursued with less enthusiasm. . . . [An] absorbing study.” —Nicholas Birns, Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review, Vol. 5

“One marvels at the amount of work Kane has invested in his project and appreciates the rigor with which it is documented. . . [A] meticulously researched and valuable new reference work (one of all too few) on The Simarillion . . . it has the added benefit of approaching the work from the relatively new angle of considering Christopher’s role as a vigorous editor, and Kane is to be congratulated for confronting the matter directly.” – Jason Fisher, Mythlore (the Journal of the Mythopoeic Society)

“Douglas Kane reveals, in even more detail than has previously been available, the complexity of The Silmarillion; and in doing so, also brings into focus the intractable problems  Christopher Tolkien faced in making its publication a reality in a form that reflected the “Silmarillion” material in all its breadth and depth. . . Arda Reconstructed is highly illuminating and very enjoyable to read, shedding much light on The Silmarillion.” —Brian Henderson, The Tolkien Library

“Arda Reconstructed . . . is probably the most extensive analysis of The History of Middle-earth so far undertaken.” —The Literary Encyclopedia