Thanks to all the people who have written in letting us know about this, check it out. from Welcome everyone to the MOCpages collaborative build that was displayed at BrickWorld 2011 in Wheeling Illinois. While mine is not the only post focusing on the collaborative what I’m going to try to do is give a little background and insite into what brought each build to the table… so to speak.

The concept was born at BrickWorld 2010. Kelso and I were talking and we thought “hey, wouldn’t it be fun to do a collaborative?” Sure it would. So after a little thought (and some other concepts that will remain nameless as they may be future projects) I said to him “Hey, I got it… let’s do Lord of the Rings.” He says to me “You mean like… a few of us build Minas Tirith or Barad Dur?” “No, no, no…” I replied “Let’s do Middle Earth… ALL of it.” More..