London, Jun 28 (PTI) Actor Elijah Wood feels he”s heading to a “family reunion” as he prepares to film a cameo for ”The Hobbit”.

The 30-year-old actor will be seen in a small role in the film and he feels at home on the sets because he grew so close to many of the cast and crew during his ”Lord Of The Rings” days.

“It feels like a family reunion that I”m going back for. A number of the cast members are coming back. I went back (to New Zealand) a year ago in February just to visit. I was down in Australia, so I went over for nine days and caught up with a bunch of people. It was wild, man, to be back in that whirlwind, see all those people, but working in Middle Earth again. It was really cool to be back there, and I feel like it”s going to feel the same. More..