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Just who is Tauriel? Let the Speculation Begin!

June 20, 2011 at 7:24 am by Garfeimao  - 

The following is some speculation from Garfiemao, a long time staffer and event coordinator of Please note, there are many story spoilers in this article, so if you have not read The Hobbit, and want to remain spoiler-free, we suggest you skip this article.

With this most recent casting news update, we were given a newly created character by the name of Tauriel. She is described by Peter Jackson as being a true Sylvan Elf, with her name simply meaning ‘Daughter of Mirkwood’. Aside from the assurance she will not have a romantic link to Legolas, we currently know nothing else about her. So, let the speculation begin.

We know in the book that we see many of the Mirkwood Elves, named or not, at a few different points in the story. First are the evening Elven campfire meals that draw the Dwarves off the trail as they follow the firelight into the forest, which then causes the Elves to vanish. After numerous such incidences, the Dwarves are finally captured and imprisoned for ostensibly being a menace to the Elven citizens of Mirkwood. Second are the various Elves involved in maintaining the Dwarves imprisonment, be it guards, those bringing meals, the Elves preparing the wine barrels and Thranduil and his entourage during questioning of the Dwarves. The Third instance will be when Thranduil decides to go to the Lonely Mountain to make a possible claim on the Dragon treasure and is involved in the Battle of 5 Armies.

The first instance doesn’t really give much face time to see and get to know any particular individual, since the visions of the Elven party are supposed to be somewhat ethereal. They appear and disappear rather mysteriously to the Dwarves, and I imagine it will be filmed that way, rather than we viewers getting a solid look at the party. While Tauriel may be amongst this party, for recognition’s sake, I don’t believe we will get a specific view, much as Frodo and Sam simply watched the Elven party parade by in the FOTR extended edition.

But the second instance, once the Dwarves are captured, is a much more likely time to meet and get to know Tauriel. One possible storyline might simply be that in order for Thranduil to justify imprisoning the Dwarves for menacing the Elven party, there must be a complaint from the Elves stating they were menaced. This would be a simple way to introduce her character, in a manner that does not affect the existing storyline. As the imprisonment continues, she may be present during the questioning of Thorin, or not. Or she may at least be consulted on how long they should be punished, or not. This would impinge more on Tolkien’s original story, but then, in film, it is often seen that a leader has attendants to speak with, or at least speak to, while contemplating big decisions. We saw Theoden consulting many people in his war room, with Gamling being the main attendant. So Tauriel may end up simply being used as an expository character in this particular instance.

Of course, there is then the third instance of Elven involvement, the Battle of 5 Armies. With there being a whole host of Elves fighting, the filmmakers will want at least one or two Elves to be familiar to the audience, so the audience can invest feelings for someone during the battle. This was Haldir in TTT, who dies, along with most of his host, regardless of the fact that Elves did not go to Helm’s Deep in the book. I know this change of taking a host of Elves to Helm’s Deep and killing off a character that didn’t die in the book because he wasn’t involved in said battle created a bit of backlash. So with Legolas added to the film and Thranduil being more fleshed out, and neither of them dying during this battle, my guess is whatever other Elf appears for us to get to know, probably will die. If Tauriel is the only other Elf we really get to know, I fear her fate may well be sealed. After all, battles are messy and there will need to be sacrifice on all sides of the allied armies to balance things out.

But all of this is merely speculation and Tauriel might simply be an Elf maiden who prepares meals for the captured Dwarves. Or maybe she is just a wine maker preparing the barrels for their trip downstream to Laketown. With the very little information we have for Tauriel, there is no way to know if she is onscreen for just a few minutes or if she will feature heavily in much of the Mirkwood Elven storyline. We will just have to wait and see if Tauriel is a warrior, a scout, a winemaker or a guard, because for now, all we know is her name and that she won’t be romantically involved with Legolas.

So how do you think Tauriel will be used? Sound off on our forums and on facebook!

Posted in Casting Rumors, Hobbit Book, Hobbit Cast News, Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit, Community on June 20, 2011 by
Just who is Tauriel? Let the Speculation Begin! | Discuss

Thranduil Statue

74 responses to “Just who is Tauriel? Let the Speculation Begin!”

  1. Kieran583 says:

    there is not a novel in the world that can be made into a film that follows the novel to the letter. PJ did better then anyone could of imagined so stop hating on him. they did what they did to bring the novel to us to see the great world that tolkien made. Some of you need to read the books, see the films and then stop writing shit about both of them. And if you haven’t released i’ve read all the books, and watched the films and love both.

  2. Sk8erphil84 says:

    Amen brother!

  3. Bbkenno says:

    What Jackson does well is amplify, and fill in gaps that Tolkein has left to the reader’s imagination.  He will flesh out Dol Guldur, the dragon attack on Thrain the Elder and the secret door creation.  I do hope however the dialogue is kept in tact.  The dialogue in the Hobbit is just that good it should be preserved as much as possible.  Much of the on again off again relationship between bilbo and the dwarves, and the larger relationships between dwarves, men and elves is contained in his careful use of dialogue and exposition.

  4. Brian Lawther says:

    She looks BETTER than Liv Tyler. She’s the most beautiful woman on the planet! LOL  (Just my opinion)

    And I certainly don’t mean to suggest that Liv Tyler isn’t beautiful in her own right.

  5. Sauron's Advocate says:

    Didn’t Beorn have a wife? There’s a female character. 🙂

  6. Sauron's Advocate says:

    Didn’t Beorn have a wife? There’s a female character. 🙂

  7. Sauron's Advocate says:

    Didn’t Beorn have a wife? There’s a female character. 🙂

  8. Sauron's Advocate says:

    Correction: the Potter fans are as bad as us. We came first. They are but a pale reflection.

  9. Anonymous says:

    In fact, Tolkien REWROTE The Hobbit three times in order to more effectively bridge it with The Lord of the Rings.

    Peter Jackson is simply doing the same with the film adaptations.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    In fact, Tolkien REWROTE The Hobbit three times in order to more effectively bridge it with The Lord of the Rings.

    Peter Jackson is simply doing the same with the film adaptations.  

  11. Nicopadawan says:

    Good joke… I am surprised no one recognized Kate from Lost…  😉

  12. Laviniaveiled says:

     Oh, because Eowyn wasn’t enough of a strong female character? Hmmm…

  13. Gimlibuck says:

    I agree with Guy Gondron, but I suspect the gals (Fran and Pippa) may have had a lot more to do with this.

  14. Hippyburntbruce says:

    I hope that PJ does not make a joke of The Hobbit by changing JRR Tolkien’s story and adding characters that where not originally where not there or to change the story his way, and tell it as JRR
    wrote the story!! A good example of making a joke of The Hobbit was the animated version of The Hobbit;which I read that JRR was very dissappointed and upset when he saw the animated version of  The Hobbit and stated that it was a poorly attempt to tell his

  15. Nightfall says:

    Irony, telling someone not to tell people what to do… when that person wasn’t doing that at all.

  16. Lord Belfius says:

    Mellyn, Mellyn, don’t quarrel about LOTR! The books are a masterpiece and so are the films. I have been a Tolkien fan for almost 45 years – being a pupil in 1971, I even sent a letter to Tolkien and got a reply from Joy Hill – and I thought the films were wonderful! Different from the books – quite different as a matter of fact – but astonishing and recognizable in every respect. To be honest, I was rather disappointed by The Hobbit (the book), which I read after LOTR. I thought it childish, incoherent and very fairytale-like. Taking into account the experience PJ has gained with LOTR and the conviction that he is not making a minor film compared to his previous achievements, I have great expectations about this one.

  17. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    Nooooo Tauriel!!! There shouldn’t be any romance at all! If there is, I really will decide to hate Peter! I read this book when I was SEVEN. To dilute the story with a beautiful elvish maiden, where there’s bound to be some lover is frickin’ wrong. LOTR is different, there was CLEARLY romance there. But The Hobbit is just so innocent! Please don’t do it Peter! I BEG OF YOU! Lol.. I guess it’s too late.

  18. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    Lol, do not say that. There is no comparison between Tolkien and Peter. Peter is a friggin’ film writer, and Tolkien is an awesome author. Everyone knows that books always are better, because they add a detail that movies never have. To have the kind of talent Tolkien had, to express so many things in a sentence, is something that Peter could never do. I love you Peter, and I think you shoulda done THG, but you do not compare to Tolkien.

  19. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    No, see if any of you had read the Appendix, the story of Aragorn and Arwen, all of that mushy stuff that we saw in the movie is technically in the book. Just crammed in a bunch of historical stuff so you kinda skipped over it. Arwen’s role wasn’t expanded, it was there in the Appendix!!

  20. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    Lol I personally loved the movies… they don’t compare to the book… but then everyone’s entitled to their own opinion 😀

  21. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    You gotta read the Appendix. Arwen and Aragorn’s story is aaaallll in there.

  22. Maryam Bledsoe says:

    He should’ve been there. Tom and Lady Goldberry, too. Same as Madge should’ve been in THG. BUT NO! These cheapsakes have to cut out some of my favorite characters.

  23. hobbitfeetstink says:

    i honestly fully support the new tauriel character in the movie and i heard that there might be a small romance between her and kili. i don’t know if it will be unrequited (if i spelled that wrong sorry) love, a true romance, or just an infatuation/admiration like gimli had for galadriel. And like so many of you said before, Sir PJ made a HUGE success out of the LOTR trilogly and if he dosent make this just as good or better then im never watching the hobbit or the LOTRs or anything PJ makes again.

  24. Karen says:

    ok if any one has noticed. The picture of Tauriel is : a) not the actual actress as her /it’s face is to square and: b) who in the heck would photo shop a face onto Legolas body. I mean come on really?? Wonder how many others have noticed this.

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