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FOTR Ex Screening Experiences – Fan Reaction

June 15, 2011 at 7:18 am by newsfrombree  - 

It is Wednesday June 15th 2011, and many of us are just waking up from a long night of Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition bliss. As requested, many fans have emailed in their photos and experiences. So to make things easy on everyone, we are going to continuously update this particular post with your experience as you send them in. Make sure you are including your theater and location in the emails, otherwise they may not get posted. We did get quite a few reports of technical issues with the screening, and we’ll pass that along to the folks at Fathom and WB. Of course, check out our Facebook page as many folks are directly posting to it with their experiences. Without further delay, click the ‘continue reading’ button to read more about experiences from fans throughout the US and NZ as they saw The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition on the big screen for the first time! You can still buy tickets to TTT and ROTK, and don’t forget to order your copy of LOTR Ex on Blu-Ray! [TORn on Facebook] [Buy Tickets] []

Bacon Raton, FL

Dear TheOneRing.Net:

Not only is it wonderful to experience FOTR on the big screen again, the high definition projection definitely adds to the film. Many HD films look truly terrible because the picture is so clear that you can see the makeup, the poor quality of costumes, or the styrofoam and plastic used in sets and weapons.  Not this time!  You can absolutely tell the care, love and high quality of craftsmanship that went into every single moment of this movie. Once again, kudos are due to the entire crew, from Peter Jackson to whoever embroidered Boromir’s jerkin to the amazing work on makeup and hair, weapons, scenery, script, continuity — I could go on through the entire roster of credits — every tiny little detail is perfect.

Every funny moment is still funny, and every poignant scene is still a tearjerker.

Boca Raton loved the film, and the only problem here was 1) the movie started 30 minutes late, which was rough on those of us who arrived 40 minutes early! and 2) there was not enough local promotion – several folks I talked to had not heard of the showing until this week, and one fellow had only learned about it this afternoon. The theatre was full, but not sold out.

Excellent evening – so happy. I am looking forward to the next two Tuesdays! And I sincerely hope this event happens again when The Hobbit films come out!

Best, Karen

Roxy Cinema, Wellington, New Zealand

A Night at the Roxy

How many of us have not seen LOTR in a theatre since the extended editions came into our lives? I, for one, can no longer imagine the films without the additional scenes, and to see it all again in the newly restored Roxy Cinema in Miramar, Wellington was a delight.  It’s Miramar – Park Road, Miramar! How perfect is that?!

Cineplexes have their place, but the Roxy is intimate, tasteful decor of yore, with the elegant but friendly and well-staffed Coco Restaurant as a place of welcome just inside the entrance. I arrived early for dinner, and as I savored my excellent pasta and cappuccino, a special bonus was that Jamie and Ann Selkirk, co-owners of the Roxy with Tania Rodger, were also enjoying a pre-show meal.  Academy Award winning ( ROTK 2004) film editor and producer Mr Selkirk greeted us later in the Art Deco lobby- wearing his signature baseball cap – as we gueued to enter the theatre. Before the showing of FOTR, which was a benefit for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, the Selkirks drew for spot prizes of Weta LOTR collectibles. Lucky winners!

We settled expectantly into our luxurious seats with our wine glasses or ice creams as, first, Sir Peter Jackson came on the screen in a personal video about the journey of making LOTR and now The Hobbit. And finally, “The world is changed….” , and suddenly I’m ten years younger and just as awe-struck as I was the first time I saw Frodo’s big blue eyes and the Mines of Moria. An intermission at the point when Frodo awakens in the House of Elrond reinforced the “cinema experience the way it used to be” feel of the evening.

There were, unfortunately, only a few days notice before this first event, which meant quite a few empty seats. As word gets out, hopefully more local fans and possibly tourists in town for the day will enjoy The Two Towers (June 21) and The Return of the King (June 28) at the Roxy. You can call the box office at 388 5555 ext 2 to reserve seats with your credit card. Make an afternoon and evening of it; the Weta Cave is just down the road (open until 5:30), and there are several small cafes and take aways around the theatre in addition to the excellent Coco. And who knows who might be strolling down Park Road or eating pizza around the corner!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. This  Extended Edition Event in Wellington was a most satisfying experience. I wish those of you in the US a similarly memorable one tonight.

– Lissuin

University City, Philadelphia, PA

I got to see the extended on digital projection at Rave in University City, Philadelphia, Pa. While I enjoyed the sound and quality of picture, I was highly disappointed that the theater did not show the advertised (by Fathom events) introduction by Peter Jackson, one of the reasons I rearranged my schedule to go see it. I wonder if anyone else writes you of no introduction. Fan who was let down.

– Lori

Cinemark, Robinson Township, PA

Had a great crowd tonight at the Cinemark in Robinson Township, PA.  Lots of enthusiasm and laughing.  During the scene where Galadriel is giving out her gifts to the fellowship, the power went out.  After 10 minutes and some fast forwarding of the video on screen, an employee comes out and tells us to yell forward and reverse till we find our spot we were at!  Was a bunch of fun having the entire audience yelling to the camera operator “Forward! Forward!  No, Reverse!”  One of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had.  Can’t wait till the 21st and 28th!

– Nathan

Independence, Missouri

Wanted to report in from my screening in Independence, Mo. The theater was virtually sold out with just a few empty seats in one of the big screen areas in the theater. Which was great to be in there with so many ringers so many years after this first hit the big screen. I even ran into a buddy of mine from High School and his family and we sat together which made the experience even cooler. Seeing the trivia questions before, the awesome TORn video, Weta Video, and the intro by PJ leading into one of my all time favorite movies made for a great night. These movies are classics and mean a lot to me personally so seeing them in all their glory on the big screen with just how amazing they are is something everyone should get a chance to do. I’m already looking forward to next week and The Two Towers.

– Josh

Boston, MA

I just came from the Boston FOTR EE screening. What a showing! It was nice to see prominent members of TheOneRing.Net amongst us. Bilbo, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Aragorn and the gang were as timeless as they were when I was 13 in 2001. I loved that there were big laughs and people came together to share the experience. I was there alone, but I was glad there were others from my area so interested in the films. I liked the introduction to the showing from one fan, “I loved Star Wars as a kid, and then I got this, and people always say ‘the trilogy’, and I say ‘which trilogy?'” Exactly. The film looked amazing on the silver screen again, digitally remastered. Some things have changed, but some things stay the same. My passion for this timeless epic story remains. I can’t wait to see The Two Towers next tuesday!

– Paul

Orange Park, FL


Just got back from viewing Fellowship on the big screen in Orange Park, FL. The projection was excellent. This is a film meant to be seen in theaters if there ever was one.

One scene stuck out to me: When Aragorn and Boromir have their conversation in Lothlorien, the color looked different from what I have at home. It’s not nearly as blue. The red in Boromir’s sleeves can be clearly seen. In my opinion, it was definitly an improvement. I always felt the grading in that scene was too extreme.

Brian “GlumPuddle,” –


Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Cinemark 16 — tonight I was the first in line! I’ve never been first in any movie line any time. After a slow start, people began trickling in. We were let into the theater about 6:30, got great seats, and had the most amazing experience ever.

The quality of the projection gave even more layers to this already layered and nuanced film, and sharpened and clarified many scenes, much of the dialogue, and all the voices and faces. It was wonderful.

Though I’ve seen FOTR many, many times, it’s been a long time since I viewed it on the big screen; to me it was like seeing it for the first time all over again.

Thanks to Peter Jackson and his wonderful “helpers” for making one of my favorites even better than before. I can’t wait for next week!

– Julie

Eatontown, NJ


I attended the event of the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lowes theater in Eatontown, NJ.  I usually go to a theater complex in Hazlet, NJ, so I was not very familiar with the Eatontown theater.  I was very pleased to find that the event theater was large, with very comfortable seats and nice elevations so all seats had great views.

I was a little disappointed that the event was not better attended as the theater was only 1/3 to 1/2 full.  I was surprised that no one was dressed in costume.  There were no previews, only the video message from Peter Jackson, and no intermission.  (Given the lengths of TTT and ROTK, I hope those events include an intermission.)

I had never seen the Lord of the Rings movies in the theater before because I was too busy with my 3 very young children in 2001, 2002, and 2003, so I was very excited to get this chance to see the films in the theater.  I had read the books many times and I watched the extended versions of the DVDs

many times, but I found seeing the extended version of the FOTR on the big screen provided a great experience with awesome sound, magnificent details of facial expressions, clothing, sets, and landscapes, and beautiful colors.

I brought to the event a friend (who had not read the books but had seen the FOTR in the theater in 2001), my 13 year old son (who had seen the extended version DVDs but never read the books), and a friend of his (who had never read the books nor seen the movies), and we all really enjoyed the event.  The audience was enthusiastic and appreciative, clapping at the beginning and at the end of the film.

I highly recommend attending TTT and ROTK in theaters in the next 2 weeks.

Edwards Theaters – San Marcos, CA

Here’s some pix of my son (Gavin) and I from tonight!  This was his first time seeing it on the big screen and it was, in his words, “Epic!”  So much fun to see it again in the theaters and loved the intro from PJ!  Thanks so much!

Santana Row, Cambell, CA

Hello TORN!

My name is Kellie Rice (Arrowmare on the boards) and I attended the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the CineArts theater on Santana Row in Cambell, California. Before the film, the theater played the LOTR:FOTR soundtrack while trivia cards appeared on screen (of which I sneaked pictures which I’m sending you now). The theater was pretty packed and it was great to be with a respectful, enthusiastic audience. As far as I could tell, however, my sister and I were the only attendees with themed attire! We each wore a Legolas shirt. After the trivia, there was an awesome ad for TORN then one for WETA Workshops. Following that was the special message from Sir Peter Jackson. When he thanked us for coming out to see the extended edition in the theater, someone in the front shouted “we’re glad to be here!” which earned applause.

When the film started, everyone was quiet. I have seen the extended edition more times than I can count, but seeing it again on the big screen, with the image and audio so crystal clear, was certainly a new experience worth having. I saw things I had never been able to see before, and heard dialogue that, when watched at home, was lost amidst the score. The only complaint I had was that the FX track was so loud at our theater that we were covering our ears during the battle scenes. Hopefully they’ll get that adjusted before Helm’s Deep next week!

What I loved was that I knew most of the people in attendance had to be fans of the franchise, and therefore have seen the film before. Yet folks still made funny comments and laughed at the jokes, as if they were new to them. When Pippin accidentally sent the corpse down the well, and a goblin drum answered, someone said “Oh, sh&*t,” and the audience chuckled. It was a great communal experience. When Boromir was first wounded, you could hear a pin drop, as if we were all holding our breath. Though it was sad to have the film end, it was wonderful to hear so many strangers greet the patron beside them once the lights came back on, saying, “See you next week!” If only we could always go and see LOTR next week!

It was a wonderful experience and I strongly urge people to head out to see The Two Towers, even if they’ve seen it at home a hundred times. As Peter Jackson said in his intro, “Thank you for choosing to see these films on the big screen, for that is how they were meant to be seen.” I couldn’t agree more, PJ!

Included are some of my pictures of the trivia slides. More to follow!

~ Kellie

San Diego, CA

LOTR extended version in San Diego. Few moments of technical glitch, then a short video of Peter Jackson discussing. He’s looking good, hope he’s around a long time!  Another short period of nofilm, then saw the movie. Excellent seeing it in a theatre once again – just wish people would not have kept talking during the Weta promo, etc., and kept their asides to themselves during the movie. Sat two seats away from a guy who just had to chime up with comments “Woah, that’s a big horse!”  “Sarumannnnn!” etc and huming the theme music loudly along with the sound track. Much rumpling of candy packets during intense (quiet) scenes  etc., etc., etc, but only one cell phone ring, and that was towards the beginning.  ~sigh~

This movie is at its best on the big screen with a good sound system, magical. Could have heard a pin drop after Boromir was killed. Even commentboy could say nothing. Thanks, Peter! (We have our tix for the next two.)

– Nan

AMC Loews Rio, Gaithersburg MD

The movie itself – stunning.

The theater –  not so much.   Myself and 2 friends bought tickets to see all 3 movies at the AMC Loews Rio in Gaithersburg MD.   Instead of starting the movie at 7 pm, they stuck us (a packed house) with 40 minutes of a continuous loop of theater ads and LOTR trivia questions.  The crowd was getting very angry and loud.  One of my friends finally went in search of a manager and was told, after 40 minutes mind you, that “we didn’t know that was happening until now.”  WHAT???  No one checks to make sure the movie is actually running??? No one sits up there in that control room???  Very very very poorly managed. And instead of just starting the movie after all of that, they started from the very beginning, subjecting once again to the long string of ads and Weta piece before FINALLY showing the bit that PJ did and getting on with the movie.

We can only hope they learned there lesson last night and that next Tuesday will be better.  We have the tickets now and probably cannot get another set anywhere else.  After the trilogy is over we certainly won’t be going back to that theater for anything.  Also, we could clearly hear the booming soundtrack from the theater next door almost the entire time.

Mrs Baggins

Colorado Springs, CO

I just returned from the Colorado Springs showing of Fellowship.  As I left the theater, I treated my bladder to a chorus of Martin Pearson’s “Oh, dear lord, I need a loo break.”

Strangely enough, or perhaps not so strangely, I thought of Christchurch throughout the film.  “When the seas and mountains fall” and Boromir’s “The world of men will fall, and all will come to darkness . . . and my city to ruin” and the tumbling, crumbling staircase in Khazad Dum—one thing after another kept reminding me of poor old Christchurch.  It’s funny how we’re co-creators in art.  What we bring to a great film shapes what it brings to us.

It was WONDERFUL to see FOTR properly, on a big screen, with proper sound and a splendid audience. It still has the power to make people hold their breath.  It was also a whole lot of fun to keep saying gleefully (to myself):  “I stood there and I stood there and I stood there” as sites I visited in NZ flashed by.  I doubt that it’ll become an annual event, but if it does, I’ll be there (and back again).

Next week, The Two Towers!


AMC River Park Square 20 Spokane, WA

I attended The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition @ the AMC River Park Square 20 in Spokane, WA last night and wanted to announce, it was utterly fantastic finally seeing this movie come alive on the silver screen. I’m absolutely stoked for The Two Towers. They should of done this years ago, but I’m grateful for the respect the extended releases are finally getting in the wake of The Hobbit. It was surreal to see the added footage sown into the film so beautifully without any breaks, abrupt pauses, or disc changing right there in the theater auditorium. It truly brought out all of my Tolkien emotions. I now realize, these next two weeks are going to fly by as I count down the days until this whole ordeal is over, but I will not forget one glorious second of it. I highly encourage anyone to definitely check out these special events while they still can. Forever yours, a LotR fan, Clint.

Dole Theaters, Oahu, Hawaii

I live in Hawaii on Oahu and my mom and I went to the event at Dole theaters. The room was packed and I was relieved to find a decent (not a loud and annoying) crowd, because the only people there wanted to be there, so no pearls before swine tonight. ^_^ So that and the movie were great, not to mention neat to see a public acknowledgment of TheOneRing.Net in Hawaii. But I’m saddened to say the theater stuffed us in with the small screen and the sound was awful, it wasn’t quite loud enough and the back speakers were hardly heard. You could get a better experience from a home surround sound system. No respect for a classic. To top it off, no video from PJ, before or after, and we were there a half hour early (hoping it comes with TTT or ROTK? And that Hawaii wasn’t left out?). At least there were looping LOTR trivia questions, Howard Shore tracks playing, and a nifty trailer or two for the next two movies. Anything with LOTR is nice, it was just disappointing it didn’t even meet standard theater quality or cinema experience (you know something is wrong when your mind is allowed to drift from the feature at hand). Lovely evening with Mum in Middle-earth, nevertheless. =)


Here are the pics from the reports above! Click on an image to see a larger version.

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33 responses to “FOTR Ex Screening Experiences – Fan Reaction”

  1. Ian says:

    I attended the screening @ the AMC in Tustin, CA (U.S.A). Got there early, and it was full but not packed. Understandable, since there were three theaters doing the screening within about a 15-20 min. drive radius (one of the benefits of living in So. Cal). My wife had to meet me there right from work, rushing in at the last moment after fighting traffic. Although not generally a fantasy fan like myself, the LotR movies captured her like probably no other films had ever, and Fellowship was one of the first movies we saw after we were married.

    The crowd, of course, was great since, it being a weekday, the people there were I assume very into Tolkien’s world, and the reactions from the audience were as if fresh to everyone. The only odd thing was during Boromir’s death, some dude bellowed some incoherent thing about DVD.

    The theater, unfortunately, did not run Howard Shore’s music or LotR trivia, as I’ve seen others mention, before the showing. However it did start on time.

    One big bummer — no introduction from Peter Jackson! My wife was literally sprinting into the theater so as not to miss it, and it was a bit of a letdown to get nothing. Of course, I got over it the minute that haunting music started up.

    Fellowship, I might note, is actually my favorite of the Trilogy. I think it might have to do with my love of the beauty of the Elven sets, music etc., which never makes as strong an appearance as in Fellowship — as well as my love of the depiction of the Shire in the films. In fact, when we first saw it many years ago, my wife basically decided she wanted to live in old Bilbo’s house.

    P.S., since my showing did not feature the PJ intro, can someone tell me what he said, basically?

  2. Edward says:

    Went with the family to see it at United Artists Colorado Mills (Denver). We, too, experienced the 40 minute quiz loop. After several trips to the concession stand to report the issue, the management said it was part of the feature; thankfully, they fast-forwarded it at our request. If it truly was part of the feature I hope that is remedied for the next two rounds. When a 3 1/2 hour film scheduled to start at 7pm on a work-day night instead ends up starting 30-40 minutes late, that has an adverse impact on my (and a lot of other people’s) ability to focus on work the next day.

    While the film was great as usual, this particular theater experienced so many glitches that it significantly detracted from what would otherwise have been a monumental evening. First, instead of showing the film on the giant screen (something I just assumed would be the case for an event like this), they held it in their smallest auditorium. The sound was turned down so low that we could barley hear the dialogue–it wasn’t a cinematic experience by any stretch until later in the film when they finally did turn up the volume. Second, the floodlights next to one of the exit signs began flashing for no apparent reason. I was forced to leave the theater again to report it. They issue was ostensibly fixed only to happen again 10 minutes later. I again was forced to go seek an employee to fix it. They finally came in with a ladder and turned it off. Thought the issue was now fixed, but no. The floodlight came on again glaring in everyone’s eyes. I was forced once again to seek assistance with it. They came in again and finally fixed that issue. Ten minutes later, the ceiling lights came on and stayed on for the rest of the film.  

    Very disappointed. We won’t be back next week.

  3. Technut says:

    My experience was horrible 🙁 I took my Dad with me and we got to the theatre early enough to get a good seat, sadly at the theatre there were no “good sears” because all of the seats were uncomfortable…..but I could live with that. The crowd showed up and 7pm rolled around….no movie, 7:15 no movie, people antsy, someone went to ask and the answer thy got was “Peter Jackson wants everyone to sit and watch the trivia and ads for 40 mnts before starting the movie…What??!!!

    Finally the movie starts but guess what….no surround sound, couldn’t hear the voices and people started complaining.

    I heard the manager say he didn’t hear anything wrong so I went and cornered him and here it is!! He told me “This theatre is not set up for surround sound” and then implied that the LoTR movie was not in surround. He then informed me that all the movies from the trilogy would be in that theatre. So I left before Bilbo’s party was over, got my money back for all the films and was very upset and disappointed. Perhaps if this is ever done again Cinemark can be involved, their theaters are always first class… the meantime I will never go back to AMC Deerbrook in Humble, TX.

    A very let down and disappointed fan

  4. Dustyhobbit says:

    Century City AMC, Los Angeles, CA

    While the movie was splendid, there was no introduction from Peter Jackson for us.  I was there 20 minutes before showtime, so unless it showed before that…sad.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Regal Bel Air Cinema, Abingdon, MD
    The movie was wonderful, but like other comments, the theater was not full. The only advertising I have seen is here, on TORN. There was no Peter Jackson welcome. And some of us stayed til the end of the credits just in case. Any advertising would bring people in and I’m still hoping to see Peter Jackson’s comments next week.  And the movie was wonderful on the big screen!!!  Classics should be brought back to the big screen from time to time. 

  6. Texlego1 says:

    I loved this page! I do not have a theater in my area that showed this movie, and I was EXTREMELY disappointed until I read these comments from people, who actually went. Those comments really took me to the theater and I could “see” everything. Fantastic and I can’t wait to read the comments from the people, who go to see TTT!

    a LOTR fanatic

  7. Tamara says:

    Seeing the photos from TORn’s slideshow makes me nostalgic for the Oscar parties.  As a latecomer, I made it to ROTK, but this is a tradition I DEMAND continues with The Hobbit films. 🙂 

  8. I saw it in Bakersfield, CA from the front row. I underestimated the size of the crowd and didn’t arrive as early as I should have. The house was packed! There were many young people and kids in the crowd who were seeing it for the first time, which increased my enjoyment considerably. I’ve seen it many times in theater and attended the marathon viewing before ROTK. It never fails to amaze. So much has changed in the world in 10 years. This story is still so powerful, so relevant, so moving. I’m in love with it as much as ever. I found out about the showing here on TORN the day before, so thank you for posting the info or I would have missed it. Can’t wait for next week.

  9. Paul Chauvet says:

    In Middletown, NY it started 30-35 minutes late as well.  The intro (including the trivia, the no-smoking/texting/piracy messages, the thing about TORN, and WETA) all repeated over and over.

    Was still great seeing the extended edition on the big screen but it REALLY does need an intermission…

  10. GillGalad says:

    Thank you guys for these amazing reviews! The emotions are clearly still intact, even after 10 years…

  11. Helen says:

    From Naples,FL

    As a long-time LOTR fan, I bought my tix the minute theOneRing.Net told us about the showings.  Unfortunately, here they are being shown at the local Regal cinema complex.  the management chose to  show the  film in one of the smaller theaters (which was full), but it meant the experience was not as great as it could have been.  They had the sound so LOUD that my ears still hurt today (4:45 PM EDT – 6/15).  Several of us tried to get the management to turn down the volume, to no avail.  In spite of  these problems it was delightful to see FOTR back on the (semi)big screen.  My friend had never seen the films in the theater before and she was estatic!!!  The remastering job was terrific and if I can just get the theater management to move the next two films to a bigger screen (and keep the volume under control) the eperience will be theater magic.  Thanks to PJ, New Line Cinemas, and to all those people involved in bringing these films to the big screen once again.  PJ is so right – they are meant to be seen this way!

    I cannot wait to see the Hobbit films!!!!!

  12. Susie Jendro says:

    this was so much fun! attended the screening in chicago, il. i was in full on frodo traveling costume and got a couple raised eyebrows while i took the bus to the theater… thank you TORN for sponsoring such a memorable night! see you next week 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    “But what about second breakfast?”  Saw it in San Marcos, CA last night.  This new remastered version looked great on the big screen.

  14. Timdalf says:

    AMC Lowes #13 in West Nyack, NY

    I went to our local multiplex in a multi-mall (where, as it happens, I first saw a certain three films in their Th E’s 10 years ago).  It seated about 160+ and 134 seats were sold.  Good, given the weak publicity, but I would like to have seen a sell out.  The theater received no promo material.  We’ll see if the sales improve as the series continues.  I thought the intro by PJ a bit short, no Hobbit plug…  and no Live to Projection plug.  I expected at least the one, and would have been thrilled by the last…  I mentioned to a few the upcoming L to P (soooome day!) RotK at Radio City and they were very interested.  Trust me, I will make a very vocal announcement just before TTT and RotK that everyone should watch the RCMH site for info…  Of course after the Live to Projection events, this is not quite as powerful (for me).I and my friend stayed through to the very, very, veeeery end of all those fan club credits (as did one or two others!) for the sake of the score…  I liked that they played selections from the score while the trivia questions were up prior to the showing…  it reminded me of the glory days of epic films when you had Intro music, Intermission music, and Exit music!!  I really noticed the blurred images during high motion sequences (shot at 24 f/p/s) and will be looking to see if TH improves on that at 48 f/p/s!I am not sure whether our viewing was done in full digital.  The credits lettering, for example, seemed a bit blurry (and it was not a matter of focus)…  A split screen side by side of previous resolution with the latest might have helped demonstrate the improvement.  I will be curious to see if the resolution is higher when I watch at home on blue ray…  Of course my screen is 3.5×2 feet… not 100×30 (or whatever the actual screen size was)… so what is that proportionately?  …400 times smaller in square inches?  So that might be an unfair comparison….  I was surprised at how quiet the audience was…  some laughter at the quips, but overall most were totally engrossed in what they were seeing.  Maybe next time I will do a quick raising of hands to see how many are first timers (at all or in a theater…)

  15. Debbie says:

    Saw the film in Boca Raton, FL last night and the HD added so much!  A nearly-full theater based on internet-only PR was amazing–and not a peep from the audience until the applause at the end.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the previous Boca Raton poster, though.  Fathom ads ran in a continuous loop for an hour before the film finally started at 7:30–a half-hour late!  And WE HAD NO INTRO FROM PJ–something I had really looked forward to seeing!  I intend to call theater management and complain!  Maybe they’ll run it before TTT instead of making us sit through endless Fathom ads repeating themselves over and over.

    It was so good to see the EE on a big screen, though!  GREAT IDEA, WETA AND PJ!!!!

  16. Hoganthunzicker says:

    Seeing the fellowship for the first time on the large screen was anexperience I will not forget. I almost felt like I was experiencing aneven more deeply emotional and philosophical portrayal of this onestory that has captured my mind and many others for the last ten years I was living in a smallmountain town in Colorado when they original came out and did not seethe fellowship until it’s DVD release but was lucky enough to see thetwo towers and rotk in theaters seeing both twice  It felt good to bearound the many kids, families ,and friends dressed up that find these films tobe a very important aspect of our true meaning of what it is to be apart of this world as a collective whole. I saw and heard many newthings in this release that were not apparent to me before aving seenthe trilogy many times. There is at least one more large pineconehidden in the non apparent backdrop scenes from bag end that I had notrealized yet. These I believe are references to the phineal gland ineach of us that reveals to us that we are infinite and that thesmallest person can make a difference    Also that Galadriel is thebringer of light (the lady of light) as stated by Gimli. And gives the light which helps save Frodo from Shelob. I also cannotwait to see the trolls come to life next year that had been in the forest loomingover frodo as he was almost claimed by the morgul blade.  Mentioned bysam saying ” Look mr. Frodo. Its one if mr Bilbo’s trolls” in anattempt to keep him from straying into the morgul realm.  It seems as if there is always an overseeing force that aids to the betterment of life which casually comes at the right second such as Gandalf instrumenting the turning to stone of the trolls by the light in the Hobbit.   The light isa very recurring theme in Tolkiens writings and how through light theshadow of the past can be overcome. The ever invading darkness that spreads into the west.  anThese two forces I thought were especially evident within the scenes of the mines of moria and gandalf turning into light, or ascending into light. which the filmmaker expressed this also in the very physical physical light emanating into the theater which looked almost surreal. it was almost blinding and washing out the screen which was a very neat and intended purpose to show you the importance of light and mithril which is very shiney. these films, derived from the work of Tolkien, are about our true past and how through love and unity wecan see through the darkness  

  17. tmgukcatfan says:

    Warrington, PA
    Another very memorable LOTR event!  It is always and adventure when my friend Pat and I travel to see “The Movies” and our night at the Warrington Crossing Cinema was no exception.  We both rushed there after work and were settled into our seats by 6:30.  Talk about technical glitches–our 7:00 showing didn’t start until 8:30!!  For a while we weren’t even sure they would be able to work out the problems.  But the theater staff was really nice and the crowd was disappointed, but very understanding.  Almost everyone stayed and no one was disappointed.  It was wonderful to see the movie on the big screen.  Several people even stayed through all the list of fan names…that was a long list. 

    Even though the late start was unfortunate, once the movie started everyone was entranced.  I’m looking forward to next week!

  18. jan says:

    Hello from Signal Hill CA!  Wish I’d thought to take pictures last night, but, frankly, was too excited.  Local (Los Angeles) Ringers saw the trilogy in January at the Egyptian, but this was like seeing FOTR for the first time.  Just…..wondrous……   the images and sound amazing!   Am I wrong, or did I see/hear things that I never have before?  As a lovely ‘extra’, a friend who lives in MN texted (as their viewing in the Twin Cities concluded) “beautiful” as ours was just starting here in the (not so-uttermost) West.  Beautiful indeed.  

  19. Wight says:

    Century Theater, Federal Way, WA

    There was a really good turn out, as it was a sell-out or very close to it. Like many others who have posted, I was very excited to see the extended edition on the big screen. The Century theaters are only a year or two old, so we had great movie theater experience. The two things that stood out to me were just how many times I must have watched the extended edition at home, because I was picking up on all kind of obscure sound differences (I have good sound for a home theater, but no comparison to the real deal) which reminded me just how awesome the soundtrack and audio special effects really are. And even though the room was packed with avid fans who have probably seen all three movies enough times to know every scene, there was still full laughter when Pippin said “We’ve had one yes, but what about second breakfast?”

    Thanks again to Peter, Fran, Weta, etc. for making such a wonderful film and letting us see it again on the big screen.


  20. Cliffscriv says:

    I am from Yuba City, CA the experience I had was amazing, I was too young for my parents to let me see the first one in the theatre when it came out so I really was excited about seeing this! 🙂 I worked alot of the day to earn money for a ticket, we had no technical difficulties whatsoever the experience was just amazing, and we had many people, not quite sold out but very close, the sound was perfect- nice and loud and the picture was fantastic, i am looking forward to seeing the 2nd and 3rd movies at the theatre next teusday and the following Teusday

  21. Matthew says:

    I also attended the showing of FOTR in Eatontown, NJ. We arrived at the last minute and the theater was almost full. We ended up sitting in the last row. I am surpised to see the comments from the person above that the theater was 1/3 to 1/2 full. From my vantage point in the last row the theater appeared to be almost 3/4’s full. Never the less the evening was a blast and I am looking forward to attending the TTT screening next week. 

  22. Mechtild says:

    AMC Southdale, Edina, MN.   My audience was very small for a big theatre, but the viewers were keen, quiet and deeply attentive.  Just the sort of group for me.  I hate trilogy showings that are more like a frat party than a screening.  It was a shame more people didn’t come, though.  Perhaps there was very little publicity in the Cities, or maybe folks saw it at one of the other theatres that were showing it.

    This was an absolutely beautiful showing.  The print was excellent, the visual quality vivid, sharp — but not a bit fakey or false-looking.   Not only did it enhance the story-telling, I noticed much more detail than I have at any previous screening.   I am terribly excited at the prospect of seeing the interior of Meduseld and Fangorn in the remastered TTT, and Minas Tirith and Mordor in ROTK.  The sound was superb, too.  I heard and understood dialogue I’d never caught before, even in crowd scenes.

    I am not at all sorry I drove 165 miles to Minneapolis to see this screening; I traveled so far because the “Directors Cut” trilogy is only being shown in the Twin Cities in my state. 

    I should note, based on some other comments, that the theatre did show PJ’s introduction.  It was a small pleasure to watch, PJ warm and personable.  And I loved the piece by Weta.  I wanted to give the workshop a standing ovation!

  23. saw it in miami beach on Lincoln road was a spectacular viewing. i have never seen the movies in theaters and cant wait to see TTT next week and ROTK the week after. the theater was very very empty. i wish their was a more robust fan community in miami.

  24. Aragornfan says:

    Loews Waterfront 22, W. Homestead (Pittsburgh) PA

    I came quite early to the theater (6:00) and saw no one on line.  The ticket collector told me, however, that people had come 5:30 and were already seated.  Sure enough, there were 6-10 die-hards waiting patiently.  Gradually the seats began filling up so that very few were left unoccupied.  Near showtime, they started the music track and ran a loop of LOTR trivia questions and answers.  They also ran a trailer for the forthcoming films and featured some Onering (TORN) publicity.  Then Peter Jackson introduced the film.  The film, itself, featured HD image quality and excellent sound and color.  I was captivated by the extended version on the big screen despite having seen it many times on DVD.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I look forward to viewing the remaining films in that setting.

  25. JeanG says:

    I saw FOTR at the Freehold Metroplex in Freehold, NJ.  I’m an avid fan – I saw each of the filmes 25+_ times when originally released.  I was blown away by the details I saw in the film last night.  Having seen it so many times, I know the story but to see it on the big screen again was like watching it for the first time!  I’ve had my tickets for a couple of weeks now and can’t wait for next week and the next.  I literally jumped for joy when I read that Peter and his team were coming back for more to create The Hobbit!  I first read the books when I was in highschool in the 70’s and read them over and over again.  The films have deepened the books – so fans, do yourselves a favor and read the books. 

  26. TonyTC says:

    My wife and I saw it at the AMC Norwalk 20.  Yes it was great to see it on the big screen again, but like many others, didn’t get to see the Peter Jackson intro. (boo ; 😉 The theater was pretty full and yes you could hear the theater next door, but once the movie started i was so focused on the film that it did not bother me.  I received a reply from Fathom Events and here is what their reply:

    Thank you for your email and for bringing this to our attention! The intro
    should have played directly before the movie at the 7pm start time. We apologize
    that this theatre did not play the intro, this event does involve a new process
    for theatres that some locations appear to have had difficulty with it. Please
    know that we take every issue seriously and are doing whatever we can to ensure
    this doesn’t happen again, we will follow up with the theatre to make sure the
    following events have the intro loaded with the film. Our sincerest

    Let’s hope they get this fixed for the next 2 films. Counting down the days already… 🙂

  27. Seeing it again in theaters, only now the extended cut, eating popcorn, crowded theater, watching LOTR related trivia during the pre-show, sitting greasy theater seats, it made it new again as if I was seeing LOTR for the first time. It felt like 2001 again! The intro by Peter Jackson was really special. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  28. Aylas says:

    I’m really jealous of all of you who got the chance to see this extended edition on the big screen.
    I’m from South America and we don’t have this screenings here, not now anyway, I hope eventually. So I just want to say enjoy it to all of you who can see it, you don’t know how lucky you are…

  29. MiloLoamsdown says:

    We saw the movie at the AMC theatres in The District in Tustin, California. There was no Peter Jackson introduction at our screening; we were sorely disappointed. THEN the movie started, and we were transported to heavenly bliss!!

  30. AMC theaters in Hampton, VA. It was kind of packed and we had  promo for the Blu Ray DVD set and Peter Jackson’s introduction. The print was very nice I’ve notice things that I didn’t find in the DVD transfers. Sometimes though the pristine print will show some of the CGI effects is age, but this is only during the fighting scenes in Moria but it wasn’t a big problem. Also the people could not shut off those stupid 3G phones during the movie!! That agitated me to no end, it almost ruin the 3 hour experience I was having.

  31. AMC theaters in Hampton, VA. It was kind of packed and we had  promo for the Blu Ray DVD set and Peter Jackson’s introduction. The print was very nice I’ve notice things that I didn’t find in the DVD transfers. Sometimes though the pristine print will show some of the CGI effects is age, but this is only during the fighting scenes in Moria but it wasn’t a big problem. Also the people could not shut off those stupid 3G phones during the movie!! That agitated me to no end, it almost ruin the 3 hour experience I was having.

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