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Hall of Fire chats The Hobbit: Chapter 6 this weekend!

June 8, 2011 at 5:18 am by Demosthenes  - 

This weekend Hall of Fire returns to The Hobbit as we examine the events of Chapter 6: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.

Having escaped both Gollum and the goblins, Bilbo finds himself lost in the vastness of Middle-Earth. More good fortune sees him soon re-united with his friends. Yet, as he describes his encounter with Gollum and all that happened after, he seems disinclined to reveal his new prize.

Considering what Bilbo does and says in this chapter, is this the Ring already starting its work? Or is it merely a Hobbit’s nature to be secretive? And what exactly might have Gandalf guessed or thought?

Join us this Saturday June 11 at 6pm EDT in #thehalloffire on our IRC server ( when we’ll discuss all these questions, plus the nature of wargs, eagles and much, much more.

Upcoming chats in Hall of Fire

June 11/12 — The Hobbit Chapter 6
June 18/19 — Hobbit movie rumour round-up
June 25/26 — The Hobbit Chapter 7

Time zone conversions

Not sure what time the chat will be where you are? Check this little conversion table out for some help.

6.00pm EDT (New York)
5.00pm CDT (Chicago)
4.00pm MDT (Denver)
3.00pm PDT (Los Angeles)

11.00pm GMT (London)
Midnight CDT (Europe)

8.00am (Sunday) Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
11.00am (Sunday) Wellington

Our chats usually last 45 mins to an hour, and are very newbie friendly. Simply drop in and join the conversation!

Where — connection details

Chat happens on #thehalloffire on — the TORn IRC server. You can connect instantly via our java chat client that works inside your web browser. Alternatively, you can install a dedicated chat program such as mIRC on your computer and just plug in the following connection details.

Port: 6667
Channel: #thehalloffire

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