Remember how a few months back TORn reported that Geordie the Billy Goat had landed a part in The Hobbit? Well, thanks to message board member Kimi, we’ve news today of two more four-footed folks joining the movie’s stellar cast.

Spider and Rusty, two bullocks from Kaipara’s Battensby bullock team, have been taken down to Wellington and are prepping for a scene in The Hobbit. Owner and team master Ross Battensby says:

We are now on an 1800-acre farm at Grey’s Road near Wellington that is leased by the production. I can’t say too much about what the bullocks will be doing, but we are spending two weeks in rehearsals for a scene which will be shot in the old General Motors building apparently. So the rehearsals are so the bullocks know what is required of them. It’s quite a lot of work for one scene.

The entire interesting article can be read over at The Kaipara Lifestyler.

So where in the movies do you think Spider and Rusty will show up? The Shire? Beorn’s House? Head over to our message boards to discuss with fellow fans.