To celebrate the much-anticipated release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray, a special 3-Night Theatrical Event is being planned this June. And as we teased this week, is excited to be a part of this film series event! Starting tomorrow, we will send a private ticket sale offer to our newsletter subscribers! This means you will be able to reserve your tickets a full 5 days before the general public has a shot! Since this is a single showing of each extended edition film in theaters, it is expected these events will sell out VERY fast. Oh, and did we mention there may be a special video from Peter Jackson before the screenings?? Join our newsletter today and check your email tomorrow for this exclusive offer. And of course, stay tuned in coming weeks for even more details and information about this event! [Join the Newsletter] [Blu-ray Extended LOTR]




  1. I went on-line to the nearest AMC theater and got all of the tickets for all 3 movies for 3 of us thru Fandango. They were already on sale the day tORN posted the announcement about the movie event. I’d say they’ll be sold out even faster than you might think!

  2. mary

    please don’t tell me this event is only in the u.s.a.

  3. Barbarapaintsportraits

    Yeah, but is this local to me? How many theaters is this supposed to be shown in? WHERE do I get a list of locations?

    • At the top of the article is a a link to AMC. Click on that.

  4. Arwenseviltwin

    I bought my tickets the day the event was announced.

  5. Cmswanberg

    i just got mine at fandango too for the tacoma area

  6. GillGalad

    No information about a screening in Germany?

  7. The Ween

    I’m hoping I can find someplace near me that is showing this. One bad thing about living in the boondocks! 🙁

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