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Sir Christopher Lee Interview On Forbes

April 28, 2011 at 4:35 pm by DiveTwin  - 

John Farrell’s blog on Forbes has a delightful new video interview with Sir Christopher Lee, the first of a series planned over the next few weeks.  His initial interview included a discussion on new media and Lee’s early entrance into hosting a website with help from his son-in-law.

What caught my eye was an initial statement by Farrell on his blog.  He mentioned that Lee was “getting ready to reprise his role as Saruman in Peter Jackson’s two-part production of The Hobbit”.

While there is nothing on the video discussing The Hobbit nor is the statement itself a confirmation, the fact that Farrell recently spoke with Lee and chose this particular phrasing of words (without hedging) suggests this was part of their conversation and that Lee directly stated this.  It could be a case of an over-zealous Tolkien fan reading too much into that statement but TORN followers may want to scour any future videos for tidbits of information.  

Is this a backwards confirmation that Sir Christopher Lee will return as Saruman?   Talk about it on our message boards here!

Posted in Casting Rumors, Christopher Lee, Hobbit Movie on April 28, 2011 by Source: Forbes Sir Christopher Lee Interview On Forbes | Discuss
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3 responses to “Sir Christopher Lee Interview On Forbes”

  1. Guest says:

    Christopher Lee confirmed his return on his official website back in January, providing his health allows it.

  2. Stasi says:

    For some reason I thought we already knew he was returning as Saruman…?

  3. It would be good to see Sir Christopher Lee as Saruman in The Hobbit.

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