Before we announce our winners for the Bag End Giveaway, we’d like to send a special thank you to Weta Workshop for generously donating the prizes. It goes without saying they make some of the best collectibles on the market today, so please support them by visiting today!

And now, without further delay. The winners are:

Grand Prize – Jeremy S. of New York, USA
Runner up – Samantha H. of Yorkshire, England
Runner up – Joel R. of Adelaide, Australia
Runner up – Matthew E. of California, USA

For the questions and the correct answers, click the link below.

Q. Daniel Falconer, concept designer on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, has also been heavily involved in two projects for young children. One is a series of books and one is a TV series. Which are they?

A. Champ the Chopper and The Wotwots

Q. In April 2008 Weta released a book in a universe and intellectual property created entirely at Weta.  What’s the full title?

A. Dr Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory

Q. Which Weta designer and sculptor created the Prawns from District 9 in their final incarnation?

A. David Meng

Q. Which two paintings by John Howe were, along with Éowyn and the Nazgûl, stolen in 1997 from the Médiathèque of Sedan in France?

A. “Gandalf The Grey” and “ The Uruk-Hai”

Q. On Weta’s bookends from The Wind In The Willows, what book is Mole reading?

A. Moby Dick

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